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If you thought the drama between Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was over, think again! Siohvaughn fired back at D.Wade and stated that his comments are “completely untrue.”

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We reported earlier this week that Dwyane Wade issued a lengthy response to Siohvaughn who alleged in a court filing that he’s “trying to make money off” their transgender daughter Zaya’s “name and gender change.”

“There are multiple factors to be considered by the Court in determining the requests to change the minor child’s name and gender,” read the docs according to The Blast.

“The minor child is fifteen and one-half years old” and Dwyane “is positioned to profit from the minor child’s name and gender change with various companies through contacts and marketing opportunities including but not limited to deals with Disney.”

“I have concerns that (Dwyane) may be pressuring our child to move forward with the name and gender change in order to capitalize on the financial opportunities that he has received from companies.”

Once news got to D.Wade he took to Instagram to address the allegations.

“Since this must be the new way of parenting, I guess I have to address these allegations here, which is a damn shame,” Wade wrote in the statement shared on his personal Instagram. “While I’m on a life-changing trip in our motherland, Africa, I’ve received a social media post about me forcing our 15 year old child to be someone she’s not and to do something against her will. These are serious and harmful allegations that have hurt our children.”

“While none of us are surprised by Siohvaughn’s attempt to fight Zaya’s identity and her unwavering attempt to drag my name through the mud, I’m very disappointed that she continuously find ways of centering herself and HER needs, without regard to her children,” he added. “This report came out while Zaya was in class. This is a kid who has maintained a 4.0 GPA in honors classes while navigating all this unsolicited and harmful attention and debates about her gender and sexuality from those who are committed to not listening to her, much less even knowing her.”

“I think we have to continue to grow as parents and understand that our kids’ lives are not just about us,” he said. “We didn’t have them to be a mini version of us. They’re going to become who they are in this world, and it’s our job to find that out.”

He touched on bad co-parenting, Zaya’s identity being her own, and ended his statement with a stern warning to the woman whom he alleges is on her 14th lawyer.

“I will not sit on my hands this time and allow her to make a mockery of my dedication to my family. The high road has run out of real estate. My lawyer will be in contact and best of luck to the 14th lawyer as they try to unravel this book of lies that’s been sold to them.”

While it seemed like Dwyane got the last word, his ex-wife fired back in an interview with and stated that her children feel the “excruciating pain of their parents” divorce and said her ex-husband’s comments were “completely untrue and very hurtful.”

She reassured DailyMail that this situation is completely about their child and not her. She believes their kids “cannot protect and shield themselves” as the world has a “front row seat to your failures.” She also stated that wants to shield her children from the “tragic events” unfolding in the limelight.

Siohvaughn addressed “the hurt and damage” it does to their children…

“First, these statements are completely untrue, and second they are very hurtful. Not only to myself, but more importantly to my children, who are as human, and subject to hurt and pain, as all other children, despite any lifestyle that they have been afforded.”

and went on to call out D.Wade for responding to her publicly.

“They too, like many other children, have experienced the excruciating pain and unique challenges that children suffer when their parents are divorced. I will not add to that pain by now responding publicly with malicious, or hate-filled, comments to Dwyane, despite his decision to say these harmful untruths about me.”

According to Siohvaughn, their children could face anxiety and depression because of D Wade’s lengthy statement…

“Dwyane is still the dad of my children and for my babies’ sake, I choose to refrain from speaking negatively about him. If I had anything at all publicly to say to him it would only be one thing, “I forgive him again.” It would only be this one thing, because this matter isn’t about him, or me, it’s about a child who otherwise cannot protect and shield themselves from the negative consequences that encompass living your life in view of the world.

“Yes, the world will watch your triumphs, but they will also have a front row seat to your failures. There are countless full-grown famous adults who have experienced this, and suffered severe consequences stemming from anxiety, depression and others are no longer with us because they took their own lives under this public pressure and scrutiny.”

and she ended her statement by pointing out what duties and privileges she has as a mother to their children.

“I have both the mandate and privilege of protecting my children from these tragic events, as well as the myriad of other negative things that have a tendency to impact those living in the limelight, but time will fail me to mention them all.”

D.Wade seems pretty unbothered by the recent statements and he snapped it up for the gram in Namibia, Africa.

Do you think Dwyane will reply back this time? Is his ex-wife wrong for responding back? Let us know your thoughts below!


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