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shanquella robinson

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Shanquella Robinson‘s death has become national news and a concern for the highest levels of law enforcement in America thanks to social media users and those who care enough about Black women to raise unyielding hell about one of the shadiest cases of 2022.

Today got some new information about Shanquella’s final moments alive that brings to light some serious issues with the way this case has been documented within the police department and in the public sphere.

According to the Charlotte Observer, a police report states that the 25-year-old was still alive when emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene to render aid. This flies in the face of her death certificate where it was stated that she was dead within 15 minutes of her injuries.

The police report’s timeline accounts for three hours in which a doctor was inside the rental property attempting to save her life before she was pronounced dead.

Why is it so difficult to have a consistent narrative? The police timeline states that at 2:13 pm, the resort’s medical staff was called to the home and an hour later Dr. Karolina Beatriz Ornelas Gutiérrez arrived. It is said that Wenter Donovan is listed as the reporting party but it is unclear if she was the one who actually called 911. Donovan was allegedly one of the women seen beating Robinson.

Dr. Gutierrez says she found “a female” who had stable vitals but was unable to communicate and appeared to be dehydrated and under the influence of something. At around 4:20 pm, Donovan called for an ambulance after Shanquella had suffered a seizure. At 4:49 pm the doctor and another “friend” began CPR after they could no longer detect a pulse on Shanquella’s body. At 5:25 pm, police arrived and spoke to Dr. Gutierrez. Paramedics reportedly “administered a total of 14 rounds of CPR, five doses of adrenaline, and six discharges (AED shocks) without success.”

At 5:59 pm, Shanquella was pronounced dead from “(cardiopulmonary arrest)“.

Something in this water is very, very dirty, and the truth is not far from being exposed.





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