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This article contains graphic and/or violent imagery that some readers and viewers may find uncomfortable.

We’ve done a lot of “people ain’t isht” stories in the past, but this one is pretty high on the list.

According to TMZ, a man has been arrested for a vile, vicious and unprovoked attack on the streets of New York City. NYPD says last week’s violent incident was completely random and the victim was not targeted in any way whatsoever as the perpetrator and victim are complete strangers. Surveillance camera footage of the attack is below and while it is not bloody, it is disturbing to watch…


Thirty-six-year-old Karim Azizi was handcuffed and charged with assault, attempted assault, and criminal possession of a weapon as police believe he is the man in the video.

As for the victim, the person went unnamed but was reportedly released from the hospital after being treated for lacerations and bruising. We also imagine they had a massive headache. New York has very strict gun laws despite that recent Supreme Court decision that rebuffed the city’s unwillingness to allow the purchase of firearms. Seems like criminals in the Big Apple have opted instead to just push people in front of trains and hit them over the head with bats in order to comply with the law. We’re sure the citizens feel much safer now…



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