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BOSSIP Horoscopes: Here’s What’s In The Stars For You! 2023 Astrological Forecast

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Relief from feeling stuck, blocked, and unsupported will be a major theme in 2023 for many Cancers. The pandemic highlighted the internal, not-quite-tangible feeling of not quite making it in life which was really underpinned by the above feelings. Spirit is saying that you were basically being prepared and for those of you who have done a ton of emotional healing, cultivating boundaries, and cutting ties with self-sabotage and fake loved ones/friends/partners you’re now free to fly at full speed. 2023 brings clarity and focus like never before. It is the year to level all the way up while keeping the lessons learned in 2022 as a guiding stick for the choices you make and the way you show up for yourself and others.

Take note that your next levels of success will incite jealousy, but hey that’s just part of the runway of life. Pay them no mind and enjoy the emotional upgrade. Make time for play via travel to keep your spirits bolstered and your natural charm nice and juicy.

Lucky Colors: Lemon Lime, Neon Pink

Lucky Symbols: The Ankh. An ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the key of life. It symbolizes the ability for doors to open to abundance are always available to us.

Cancer Mantra: Good fortune starts with staying focused on my highest good.

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