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We have accepted that this topic is not going away. One thing we always hear is a woman’s perspective, this time we have a man who speaks his mind on “WHY BLACK MEN JUMP SHIP ON BLACK WOMEN!!!”

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Black Man:

The ladies summed it up very well. Black men and black women are always in a competitive state… I’ve been through that and especially in ATL, I’m always in constant conflict and we can’t even have a decent conversation with it being ‘Well I think it’s this way… Well I think it’s that way’ and it just always seems to be a competitive thing, the black man vs. black woman. And I hate to talk about the race thing because it should be if you find somebody that really fits you and you’re really in love then it shouldn’t matter what race they are.

But it just seems that the conflicts are always continual with black men and black women because we don’t know how to conversate. We talk at each other and not talk together. We’re very quick with any little thing that comes up to say… ‘Oh I can do better by myself, I ain’t gotta deal with this. I’m outta here’. We don’t want to work through our issues and problems and a lot of the times that’s the main reason and problem.

So now that we have heard it from the horse’s mouth… How do ya’ll feel about that???

In all honesty, every woman, no matter what race deals with being single. Some more than others but the black community has become vocal about it.

Does a black woman need to learn to be more submissive and let the man take charge??? Is this really where the problem lies???



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