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We all fell in love with Regina King when she played Iesha in the movie “Poetic Justice”. Now she PLAYS a cop on the new show “SouthLAnd” and also is the voice of Huey and Riley on the animated TV show “The Boondocks”. In an recent interview Regina speaks on acting, being a role model and playing the submissive role:

Now let’s talk Boondocks. There was a 2-3 year hiatus and now you guys are coming back. We’re excited.

Regina: I’m excited too. I hope we are able to make it to season 4. I’m kind of disappointed with the way Sony handled things though, because it’s amazing that our audience continues to find out even when we have a 2 year hiatus between each season. I [love the show] but Sony doesn’t. Take a company like Warner Brothers. They really understand the machine of animation. They know how to advertise for it. They know the time line they have to do it with recording episodes. Sony doesn’t really understand that nor does Sony understand the amount of money they are missing out on with merchandising. If they really did promote the show and record the show the way other cartoons do. Every time they had Boondock T-shirts that have gone into Hot Topic they’ve sold out.

If you have any advice to give to young women of color that are trying to pursue acting what would you say?

Regina: Stay true to yourself. Definitely this is the type of business you will hear no more than you hear yes but not to conform because they say everyone says you need to be a size two because the camera puts 10 lbs on you. The camera does put 10 pounds on you but that necessarily mean that you need to be a size two in order to be successful. “You have to show your body in order to be in a Quinton Tarintino film. That’s not true. If you appreciate it and realize that acting is an art form and you respect yourself that way then the opportunities are going to come.

As a black woman and an actress you’re seen as an icon and role model. Do you ever feel pressured or honored to be seen in that light?

Regina: I don’t think I set out with the intent to represent black people and be the positive role model that was never my intention but once I became a mother I was very happy that my career had gone the way that it had gone, that I hadn’t been put in a situation where I would have made some decisions or taken some movies that once I became a mom I would have regretted. That was a blessing.

In This Christmas she was a submissive woman and I actually added that scene at the end. I told them of a friend of mine that actually had done this and I felt like my character Lisa needed some redeeming for me to really want to do this role because I can’t just sit back and see her be okay with her having another woman.

If you didn’t get to see the movie ‘This Christmas’, here’s the clip of Regina King whippin’ this dudes a$$ with baby oil and a belt… PURE COMEDY!!!:

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