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The moment of truth is fast arriving. This is where the rubber meets the road. Will America uphold her promise of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in the face of state violence against innocent citizens?

CNN is reporting that the five “men”, former Memphis police officers, who are accused of murdering Tyre Nichols appeared in court today for the first time to answer for the multiple crimes that they have been accused of. Specifically, the lil’ piggies are charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct, and official oppression. The punishment for second-degree murder in Tennessee is 15 to 60 years in the clink. We’d really like to see all of them get that 60-piece sentence with slaw and hush puppies.

Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Justin Smith, Emmitt Martin III, and Desmond Mills Jr. all pleaded not guilty to all charges. As far as they are concerned, they did nothing wrong. To hell with the legal proceedings, if any of these trash bags had any decency they would plead guilty and get it over with.

Bean’s lawyer, John Keith Perry, said after the arraignment his client was “doing his job” at the time of the fatal encounter and that he has seen no information indicating a murder was committed.

Perry said Bean told Nichols “to sit up” so that he could “get air.”

See. They don’t give a f**k about Tyre Nichols. Meanwhile, his mother, RowVaughn Wells, is suffering each and every day.

“I’m really waiting for somebody to wake me up,” she said. “But I also know that it’s not going to happen… I know my son is gone. I know I’ll never see him again. But we have to start this process of justice right now. And I want each and every one of those police officers to be able to look me in the face. They haven’t done that yet.”


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