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Apparently, NBA star Jaylen Brown is dating model Bernice Burgos and Internet chatter’s at an all-time high.

Jaylen Brown x Bernice Burgos

Source: Cole Burston/ Prince Williams / Getty

Rumors that Burgos and the Boston Celtic are an item have been floating around since last year, but a photo that shows the two looking pretty booed up has the internet calling it official, and, well, people have their opinions.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “DAMN, she’s fine. Bruh, I would curve the entire Celtic’s cheerleading squad just to run Bernice’s bath water just ONCE!”

Sorry, that’s—that’s actually what I was thinking.

What many of YOU might be thinking is: “Waaaait a minute? Ain’t Burgos in her 40s. Isn’t Jaylen in his 20s? Miss Bernice out here cradle-robbin, or nah?”

That’s right—because Burgos, who is a very fine 42-year-old meemaw, appears to be in a relationship with Brown, 26, a lot of people are debating the appropriateness of the apparent courtship. (Get it? Court-ship? Because he’s a basketball pl…never mind.)

In fact, many have pointed out that Burgos’ daughter, singer, and Instagram model Ashley Marie, is the same age as Brown.

I meeean—I don’t know. I suppose you could argue it’s kind of cringy when parents are dating someone their children’s age. But this isn’t like when folks in their 40s and 50s are dating someone who’s just barely out of their teens if that. (I’m looking at you, Leonardo DiCaprio.) At 26, you’re pretty much a fully-developed adult. You’re closer to 30 than 20. You’ve got enough life experience that it’s pretty presumptuous for anyone to call it predatory when you’re having relations with someone a decade or two your senior.

Maybe it’s kind of cringy. Or maybe too many of us are failing to mind the business that pays us.

To be fair, not everyone on social media is talking about Burgos like she’s the second coming of entanglement extraordinaire Jada Pinkett-Smith. Actually, a lot of people simply expressed admiration for Brown’s ability to shoot his shot and score big—you know—outside of his current profession.

So, what do y’all think? Are they cute, or are they cringy?

Jaylen Brown x Bernice Burgos

Source: Maddie Meyer / Prince Williams / Getty


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