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Two of the Four American Citizens Kidnapped in Northeastern Mexico Are Found Dead

Source: Hector Vivas / Getty


While this news current cycle is particularly unhinged, there is one story in particular that has captured people’s attention and today we got news of another completely unexpected plot twist.

You have likely heard about the four Black folks from South Carolina who were kidnapped by the cartel in Mexico after driving across the border from Texas. According to CNN, Latavia Washington McGee, Eric Williams, Shaeed Woodard, and Zindell Brown drove cross-country to go south of the border to at city called Matamoros so that McGee could get a medical procedure done cheaply. She never made that appointment. On Friday, March 3, the group was shot at by gunmen who subsequently surrounded them and took them away.

The United States government believes that the group was mistaken for Haitian drug runners. Woodard and Brown were found dead, McGee and Williams were found alive but Williams was shot twice in one leg and once in the other. None of the four has any criminal history whatsoever.

Two of the Four American Citizens Kidnapped in Northeastern Mexico Are Found Dead

Source: Hector Vivas / Getty


Here’s where the plot twist comes into play.


According to a VICE report, the Scorpions group, a subsidiary of the notorious Gulf Cartel that has commandeered control of northeast Mexico for decades, has come forward (kinda) to claim responsibility for the attack and…apologize. This morning, an apologetic letter was found alongside 5 men who were severely beaten and tied up face down in the back of a pickup truck under a narco flag.

“The men responsible for these actions acted under their own will and lack of discipline against the CDG [Gulf Cartel] rules. We apologize to the family of Miss Arely and the rest of the American families,” the banner signed by the Scorpions and Gulf Cartel said. 


We cannot make this s**t up. What the actual f**k?! What makes this whole situation even more unbelievable is that an outlet called All Source News which documents the violence in Mexico tweeted out a video from March 3 that appears to show the kidnapping in real-time.

The two survivors have been transported back to the United States where they are receiving care. Sorry, amigo, but a lil’ “lo siento” and some beat up bad guys ain’t gonna cut it. There need to be some culos in cells and orange jumpsuits.


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