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Rasheem Carter

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We told y’all yesterday that the volume on the Rasheem Carter case was about to get turned way up and we were not bulls#!tt!n.

Carter’s family has no doubt that their loved one was murdered in cold blood and a new update has only bolstered their belief that foul play is involved. According to an INSIDER report, Rasheem’s family has shared a previously unseen photo from a trail camera in the woods where his body was found. The image shows a shirtless Carter carrying what appears to be a large tree branch. Tiffany Carter, Rasheem’s mother, says the image is evidence that “something was wrong” and that her son was “running for his life.

Whatever happened after this photo was taken, it stands to reason that Rasheem’s death wasn’t natural causes based on the official autopsy. He didn’t get all those injuries by having a heart attack.

“You could see there are bruises on him,” Carter’s mother, Tiffany Carter, told Insider of the October 2, 2022 image with a time stamp of 4:32 p.m. “When I see that picture, I know my son was somewhere struggling, somewhere running for his life.”

“I really believe he was chased there,” Tiffany said.

Tarsha Clark, Rasheem’s cousin, says she fully believes that he was trying to protect himself from harm.

“I think it was a struggle and he was trying to protect himself. He was hiding,” Clark said.

It’s almost insulting to think that the local authorities really tried to push a “natural causes” narrative with so much evidence to the contrary. Who are they protecting? What is being hidden?


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