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The ladies of Xscape are clearly still on two different pages when it comes to their issues and they all spoke on their Xplosive drama, in separate interviews.


Kandi x LaTocha

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Tamika Scott, Kandi, and Tiny all sat down as a trio to discuss Bravo’s SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B…

while LaTocha Scott did the same, but in separate conversations without her group mates.

The singers discussed their looming drama including Tamika’s allegation that LaTocha and her husband Rocky stole $30,000 in royalties from her, and LaTocha hinting that Kandi may have played a part in her solo project’s shelving.

Earlier this week, LaTocha told her side of the story before the other ladies weighed in.

LaTocha is adamant that her younger sister is lying about the stolen money, but Tamika said she has “receipts” that she’s choosing not to share.

LaTocha Scott Denies Stealing $30K From Tamika Scott, Speaks On Her Kandi Solo Project Comments


On Monday, LaTocha Scott denied the money-stealing allegations in an interview with Magic 95.9’s Ryan Da Lion.

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She also expressed her disappointment with her sister for disrespecting their mother.

“There were so many other things that happened that you guys don’t get to see, you wait till the television cameras come on to act this way,” said Scott. “I get it, people wanna be seen, but you don’t go against your family like that,” said Scott. “My sister and I are totally different, I would never disrespect our mother.”

She also said that she texted her sister and told her that she thought her actions were “uncool.”

“You don’t pick your family apart like that and why are just founding out this [allegation] now?” said Scott. “We’ve been doing shows on top of shows, my husband’s been there every day trying to help when nobody else was there but then when the cameras come on it’s a totally different thing.”

“There’s no way that you can put checks in somebody else’s name in somebody’s else’s account,” she added. “Make it make sense. One and one gotta equal two.”



Following that, Scott was a guest on The Big Tigger Morning Show on Audacy’s V-103 (Atlanta) and she addressed her comments hinting that Kandi played a part in her solo album being shelved. According to the singer, Kandi originally advised her not to do a project by herself, but shortly after, Kandi struck a deal and released her debut solo album Hey Kandi in 2000.

“I just said it was very odd,” said Scott to hosts Big Tigger and Shamea Morton. “At the time she and Jermaine had a great relationship because they were partners, they were getting it in, they were a couple, an item. Anybody would feel that way.

“I felt like, what is happening here? I’ve talked about it and you were upset about it but now you’re doing it,” she added.

She also noted that there was an unaired scene from the show between her and Kandi where she was talking about supporting her fellow songstress despite allegations that she’s jealous of the reality star.

Scott also addressed her sister’s allegation that she and her husband Rocky stole $30,000 from her by depositing her royalty checks into their personal account.

“Sometimes when people are put in front of the camera and they say things, who cares about the truth when the lie is the most entertaining?” said Scott who was also upset that her sister alleged that her mother was aware of the situation.

“It’s very hurtful to see my mother being dragged, I’m talking about literally being dragged,” said Scott while fighting back tears.


According to the Scott sister, the money-stealing allegations are flat-out false and she was blindsided by her younger sis.

“That is not true,” said Scott on The Big Tigger Morning Show. “I would never steal from sister and it’s questionable because all this time we have been doing shows, we have sold out tours, I’m your sister and I’m just now hearing [about] it on testimonial? I never heard anything like this, so what is this?! “I’m being attacked every day,” she added.

The songstress also denied being her mom’s favorite, something her sister also alleged on the show.

“You didn’t see the whole thing,” said Scott. “It was so many other things that were said, it was so much disrespect. When it comes to my family, I don’t put my family business in the street. My mother does not show favoritism, but does she get onto both of us? Yes.”

She also added that her sister Tamika has a history of talking back to their mom.

On Thursday, Tamika, Kandi, and Tiny responded to LaTocha and they had a LOT to say.

Just like LaTocha, the other three ladies of Xscape were guests on The Big Tigger Morning Show on Audacy’s V-103 (Atlanta) and they detailed their headline-making drama.


According to Kandi, LaTocha’s allegations that she played a part in her solo album being canned are false. Furthermore, she didn’t “have that much power” over Jermaine Dupri, despite their previous involvement.

“At the time I got my record deal, me and Jermaine weren’t even communicating,” said Kandi on The Big Tigger Morning Show. “So when her album did not come out or whatever she says happened, I was nowhere around their situation. I was not on So So Def, I was on Columbia,” she added.

The "2022 Soul Train Awards" Presented By BET - Backstage

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“If I had that much power over Jermaine why didn’t he produce my stuff?” she jokingly asked. “Why didn’t he sign me to So So Def he signed her to So So Def. I feel like if she want to know why her album never came out, ask Jeramine!”

Also during the interview, Tamika also spoke on the explosive moment when she brought up the $30K stealing allegations.

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According to the Scott sister, she had no intentions of bringing that up on camera but she felt attacked at the moment and the “truth” came out after she went into defense mode.

“It just came out of hurt because I’ve been protecting her for a long time,” said an emotional Tamika who doesn’t like that her sister and mother are being dragged by the public.

Despite not liking the public’s reaction, she’s adamant that she’s telling the truth.

“I did not lie on my sister and it is what it is,” said Tamika. “And I still continue to this day to protect her because I could pull out receipts, but I’m not.”

The ladies also responded directly to LaTocha urging them to take the time to sit down and say what is on their minds.

Tiny revealed that they have had many sit-downs in the past but La Tocha would not cooperate.

“I can say that we’ve had plenty of sit-downs… most of the times we’ve sat down, she didn’t want to talk,” said Tiny. “She would always [say] ‘I don’t have time for this.'”
The only time she will talk is if her man is around,” said Kandi on The Big Tigger Morning Show. 


“You can’t have a business and not communicate,” added Tamika. “We don’t have the telephone number. Why you say it’s about communication but you change your number and then my mom tells me, ‘I can’t give you her number because she needs her peace.'”

Ultimately Tiny said she’s open to sitting down with LaTocha while Kandi said that something that happened on their Bravo show has caused her to distrust not only the singer but her husband/manager.

“I’m very much fine with us being cordial,” said Kandi. “I think the last thing that happened it really bothered me because I don’t feel like I trust her and her man. When it comes to business I don’t trust them,” she added. “It’s hard for me to do shows with you, now I gotta think every time I do a show with you, do y’all have a side deal with the promoter?”


The "2022 Soul Train Awards" Presented By BET - Backstage

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Tamika also alleged that her sister revealed to Tiny that she had a plan to “turn up on them [herself and Kandi] when the cameras started rolling and shared that her mom still thinks she’s “just jealous” of her older sister.

Several other things were said including allegations that LaTocha’s husband Rocky called his wife the “Beyoncé of the group” and told promoters they couldn’t do shows without her.

Kandi also said that the current drama is just the tip of the iceberg.

So far, LaTocha has yet to respond to her group mate’s comments, and instead, she’s promoting her latest gospel single “I’m Yours.”  The track is from her forthcoming debut album, The Invitation that’s being released on Good Friday, April 7th via Motown Gospel/ Capitol CMG in partnership with LaTocha’s Made Girl Music label.




What do YOU think about all this in-XSCAPE-able drama between the ladies of Xscape?


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