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BOSSIP Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with the young stars of Hulu’s UnPrisoned series Jordyn McIntosh and Faly Rakotohavana about their roles in the show, cursing for work and playing kids who actually know and do better than the adults.

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Jordyn McIntosh Talks About Cursing For ‘UnPrisoned’ Role

McIntosh revealed her surprise at learning she’d get to curse for the role and how she prepared for weeks for her audition.

“I was like, are you really giving me permission to say these right now?” McIntosh recalled. “I practiced for at least two weeks and soon as it was audition time I was READY, I was fierce, I was pumped!”

Jordyn also spoke about delivering her dirty lines on set, where she plays the child version of Kerry Washington’s character Paige.

“Whenever we’re done filming a scene where there was language everyone was like, ‘Why is an eight-year-old saying this?'” McIntosh recalled. It turns out this all greatly amused her co-star Rakotohavana.

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“I loved every second of it,” Faly responded. “It was hilarious.”

Rakotohavana also shared what it was like working with acting legends Delroy Lindo and Kerry Washington — and even out-adulting them during some scenes.

“Working with Kerry and Delroy for one is amazing, it’s a blessing,” Faly told BOSSIP. “The moment I got the audition and it said Kerry Washington I put EVERYTHING into that audition. Getting to work with them on set was something I’ve never gotten to experience before, they’re like legends of the acting industry. Getting to be, although I’m a teenager, getting to play a parenting role is really fun. You learn a lot when your mother is a therapist so you grow into it.”

Check out our full interview with Jordyn McIntosh and Faly Rakotohavana below to hear about their favorite scenes from the show and more.


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