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Amber Rose and Julia Fox dished about their dysfunctional relationships with drama king Kanye West.

Amber Rose x Kanye West x Julia Fox

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The pair had a candid chat on Fox’s podcast Forbidden Fruits, where they compared the glitz and gloom of their time with the rap superstar.

As expected, the conversation between Fox, 34, and Rose, 39, began a bit awkwardly.

Julia began,

“Sooo, I don’t know if we want to talk about it or not.”

Amber met her statement with laughter, “I figured this would come up,” to which Julia responded, “Whatever, we both did it, it’s fine. Literally, I get so much sh** for it.”

“Welcome to my life,” quipped Amber, who explained that she no longer shys away from her connection to Kanye “because it is a really big part of my story and how I became famous.”

Both women catapulted into fame after entering whirlwind romances with the rapper.

Rose spoke of her “Cinderella moment” with fondness but said as a newly world-famous girlfriend, she was unprepared for the chaos to follow, comparing it to being “thrown to the sharks.”

“I think the funny part is I didn’t have anyone to look to and say, ‘Okay this happened to her so it’s going to happen to me.’

She continued, ‘I was the first, I was the girlfriend and then all of the sudden I was by myself walking around and paparazzi would follow me around, alone, and I would say “I’m not famous, he’s not with me. You don’t have to follow me.”‘

The rapper-producer and video vixen trotted the Grammy red carpet together in 2008 after Kanye treated Rose to a high-end shopping spree to snag a dress, making Amb feel like Cinderella or Pretty Woman.

“I couldn’t believe it,” reminisced Amber. ‘I was crying in the store. It was just shocking, because I had been so poor my whole life…”

Both exes now identify their “fairytale” moments with West as textbook “love bombing,”

The Only Fans model shared that Kanye paid for a last-minute flight so she could attend a family member’s funeral and even offered to accompany her.

“I called Kanye like, ‘F*ck, I need a ticket home right now. My aunt just died, she’s like my favourite person on Earth,” Amber shared on Forbidden Fruits. “He was like, ‘I’ll come to Philly with you. I’ll come to the funeral, whatever you need.’ And I was like, ‘You can’t come to the funeral. The whole [thing] is gonna be about you.”

Co-host Niki Takesh joked, “Not you pulling up to your auntie’s funeral with Kanye West. You know he’d find the AUX cord, and he’d start playing his new song,” Fox chimed in with a ki ki.

The mommy of two dated West from 2008 to 2010, while Julia’s romance lasted a mere six weeks in 2022.

The women went on to address his public shenanigans,

“Years of buildup will make a motherf***er look crazy after a while because you’re just fed up,” explained the bald beauty. “I definitely can’t make any excuses for the things that he says because I don’t agree with them,” Amber asserted.

Fox added the opinionated artist “always been the same, kind of,’ but said that his behavior has been getting ‘more extreme.”

Fox also expressed to Amber her thoughts on Ye’s ambitious nature, “I feel like he has always just had really lofty dreams and always kind of pushing the envelope as much as he can, pushing the boundaries – like if you tell the man no, he is going to find a way to get yes.”

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