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The story ought to get the computers ‘putin, word to Cam’ron.

The fight for reparations has been going on for years on the ground and in the hallowed halls of the United States government and to this point, it doesn’t appear that the political machine has much appetite for giving Black folks what we are owed. However, that hasn’t stopped lawmakers from creating committees to study the subject and provide information about what reparations look like in the modern era.

According to the AP News, economists have told the California Assembly that over $800 billion is owed to Black Americans for generations of racist abuse, over-policing, incarceration, and rampant housing discrimination in the form of redlining and outright government thievery.

“We’ve got to go in with an open mind and come up with some creative ways to deal with this,” said Assembly member Reggie Jones-Sawyer, one of two lawmakers on the task force responsible for mustering support from state legislators and Gov. Gavin Newsom…”

Obviously, the infrastructure by which this money would make its way into the hands of Black residents is TBD but there appears to be serious thought being put into how to repay us for our pain. Sadly, some of the skinfolk who ain’t kinfolk like prominent Black conservative Bob Woodson believe that reparations are impractical, controversial, and counterproductive”.

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Let him tell it, we’re better off bootstrapping our way out of the oppression that has been set upon us…

“No amount of money could ever ‘make right’ the evil of slavery, and it is insulting to suggest that it could,” he said in an email to The Associated Press, adding that Black communities relied on faith and family to build thriving communities following slavery. “Some of these communities only began coming apart after we lost sight of these values, which also hold the key to these communities’ restoration.”

These super right-wing Black folks are weird. Read the full AP report to see some of the practical and productive ways that this repayment could benefit our people.


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