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In a recent interview, Antonia ‘Toya’ Carter and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle gave their thoughts while taping Season 2 of “Tiny and Toya” on love & relationships and how it feels to have your man in jail. When Toya was asked “How soon is too soon to get intimate with a guy?”…

Here’s what she had to say

HM: What’s your philosophy on love and dating?

Tiny: One thing I always say for a relationship is that however you start is how you should finish. I hate for a man to start a relationship and things seem so nice and then it gets old and he stops doing all those things. If those are the things that made me fall in love with him, then he needs to do those things periodically in the relationship or the relationship will go stale. I think that really helps you feel wanted when it’s old.

Toya: Just take your time in a relationship.

HM: How soon is too soon to get intimate with a guy?

Toya: When you first meet him like in the first 8 months. I think that’s too soon. Some of them just want to talk to you because of who you know, who you are, what you’re doing so you have to test them out. I want to know if you like me or who I am associated with. You have to feel them out.

This last statement right here is the main reason why Lil Wayne has 4 Baby Mamas… This sh*zzz is not acceptable!!!

HM: Toya, what have you’ve learned from your relationship with Lil’ Wayne?

Toya: I learned a lot. I watched Wayne go into different phases. Each phase I learned something new. As far as his love for women; he’s not really a one woman man. I had to deal with that. I am kind of happy because he made me stronger. No BS. I learned a lot from being Lil’ Wayne’s wife. As long as I’ve held grudges I’ve learned to let it go.

What we don’t understand is, if these women know that Lil Wayne likes to stick his “peter” in whatever, whenever… Why the hell do they continue to let him do it?!?!?! It is obvious that there are no rubbers involved, so they are all just f**king each other… EWWWW, GROSS!!!

Wonder When was the Last Time Toya Let Lil’ Wayne Chop her Down!?!?

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