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Shanquella Robinson

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Words mean things.

In BOSSIP’s coverage of the Shanquella Robinson we have been very purposeful in using air quotes to describe the group of travelers who were alongside her on the group vacation to Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. We regularly describe Khalil Cooke, Malik St Patrick Dyer, Wenter Essence Donovan, Alysse Michelle Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins as “friends” and the family lawyer Sue-Ann Robinson recently told US Sun that the title paints the incident in a light that isn’t beneficial to getting justice.

“I can say that language is so important…” Sue-Ann told The U.S. Sun. “These were absolutely not her friends. I’ve never referred to them as her friends. Her family members will not refer to the majority of the travel mates as her friends.”

Again, words mean things. Anybody who would allegedly kill you, cover it up, act like it never happened, then refuse to cooperate with authorities doesn’t sound like a “friend”.

Robinson further explains why calling the “Cabo 6” Shanquella’s “friends” is problematic in terms of public perception.

“It infers that Shanquella had some issue with her judgment and … if these are her friends … it allows a set of rhetoric and a set of narrative around her murder that has nothing to do with her as a person or how she came to be murdered.”

These are totally fair points and we couldn’t agree more. Rest in peace to Shanquella Robinson. We hope that those responsible are soon held to the highest account both on heaven and earth.


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