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Shanquella Robinson

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If this story somehow hasn’t already pissed you off then this latest update should thaw your cold heart.

Shanquella Robinson was killed in Cabo, Mexico back in October of last year and to this point has not received even a semblance of justice. However, we’re not letting up on the message and neither is her family. Unfortunately, it appears that more of the ugly details will have to be injected into the public sphere to motivate the machinations of the federal government to care for a dead Black woman. So, here are some ugly details.

According to Atlanta Black Star, DaeJahnae Jackson has been officially outed as the suspect sought in the arrest warrant issued by authorities in Mexico. We know this because family attorneys, Sue-Ann Robinson and Benjamin Crump, wrote a letter to President Biden that namechecked her and asked for executive intervention to have her extradited to Mexico to face charges for Shanquella’s death.

B-b-b-b-but wait, it gets worse!

ABS also details the interview that the resort staff had with the police following Shanquella’s death and it paints a very nasty picture.

Santiago Miguel Marroquin Gonzalez was hired as an interpreter for the group and says he recognized Jackson as the assailant because of the pajamas that she was wearing in the video. Suni Jehseel Popoca Millan was the concierge assigned to the group and says that Shanquella did not appear to be enjoying her time with the “friends” prior to the attack and “seemed not to fit in” with the others.

“When I introduced myself, she did not greet me or smile, she was indifferent, nothing to do with the atmosphere of celebration,” the interview transcript says.

He was the one initially contacted and told that Shanquella had “alcohol poisoning” and needed aid. Upon hearing of her death, he says he went to the room to comfort the group and was taken aback by what happened next…

“I left that area and stayed outside to give them space to grieve; minutes later, I heard laughter,” Popoca Millan told police. Shortly after, he said the group asked for transportation to go out to dinner.

Laughter and dinner reservations? After your friend just “died of alcohol poisoning”? Something is this water is dirty AF and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to do something about it.
You can read the entire letter that outlines the concierge and interpreter’s accounts of what happened HERE. 



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