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He showed us who he is and we believe him.

A white high school football coach in Georgia named Mark Taylor is currently under heavy fire after he uploaded a wildly racist video of himself mocking Black people, calling us the n-word, and suggesting that people “hunt” and “hang” Black people in Atlanta. He checked every single bigot box.

According to WGXA, Taylor owns a company called Speed Edge Sports where he trains local high school football players, many of them Black, at a facility that is attached to a Christian school near Macon, Georgia. A Black father named Curtis Harris said he pulled his son from Taylor’s program before this latest controversy because he was starting to get bad vibes.

“You kind of got these tendencies but, to me, I would have never thought of what I saw in the video, because of the fact that I know you’re always talking about what you do for black kids. Like hey, ‘I got this kid, I got this many kids come stay at my house, I got this kid come use my toothbrushes, I got this kid that come stay with me, I took this kid here and there for free’. My thing is, if you got to start telling what you’re doing for other people, then you’re not doing it for the right reasons”, says Harris.

As if this wasn’t evidence that Taylor is a top-shelf POS, WXGA confirmed that he was banished from the Houston County school district for stalking another teacher. It is said that Taylor also has a relationship with the University of Georgia, Auburn University, and University of Alabama, however, Alabama says, “sorry to that man” they don’t know him.



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