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Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis square off in a championship fight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas

Gervonta Davis – Source: Luis Sinco / Getty

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia agreed that the winner of their fight could take the earnings of the other, but Davis had a change of heart after winning.

Over the weekend, Las Vegas witnessed a rare occurrence in the sport of boxing when two of the best in their primes actually faced off against one another. For decades, boxers have avoided other greats in their prime and only agreed to fight once they both declined, but Ryan Garcia has been chasing a fight with Gervonta “Tank” Davis for the past few years. Last year Garcia announced he would not only fight Davis but he would also let the fellow boxer choose the terms.

During an Instagram Live hosted by Kai Cent, both fighters agreed to bet their prize money in a winner takes all bet which probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

While on ESPN to promote the fight, the re-hydration clause seemed to be doing a number on Garcia. With the re-hydration clause, neither fighter could weigh 10 lbs over the 136 lb catch weight. Which wasn’t an issue for the smaller Davis but proved to be intense for Garcia. Ryan basically had to cut a ton of weight for weigh-in and then couldn’t replenish or nourish after to meet the clause. During the interview with both fighters, Tank taunted Ryan for looking exhausted from not being able to eat. Tank even pointed out Ryan didn’t even have enough energy to fake his signature excitement.

Gervonta Davis Defeats Ryan Garcia To Keep His Undefeated Status & Even Lets Him Keep His Prize Money

In the end, Gervonta took home the W after delivering a vicious body shot to Ryan which caused blood to ooze out his nose. Ryan fell to his knees like he was in church and stayed down til the 10 counts were over. In the post-fight press conference, Davis revealed he would allow Ryan to keep his prize money despite the previous bet.

“Nah, he can take the money,” Davis said of Garcia’s share of the purse at the 25:32 mark of the post-fight press conference.

Garcia has already said he would like a rematch with Davis in the future. However, with how this recent match ended it might not be the best idea.



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