Trey Trey Made Rosa Say Ahhh For Her Birthday… But Guess Who He Went Home With Instead?

- By Bossip Staff

Rosa Acosta had a birthday celebration at NJ hotspot Deko with Trey Songz last night but you’ll never guess who Trey Songz went home with instead.

Pop the top for the details and more pics. BOSSIP spies were in the building and say Rosa and her friends were on super groupie status once Trey made his way to her section in VIP.  Apparently Trey wasn’t interested because he came with TO’s old jump off Jessica White and the two were closer than close for most of the night.

It looks like they had a good time and Rosa finally got her good celeb threesome after all.

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  • thay

    who cares



  • aleximaq

    And who is this chic?

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Damn Rosa, u look like u trying a little too hard, lmao… That dress looks like something out of the $10 & up “Rainbow” Stores u see + That wig or weave is atrocious, YUK!!!

    Her body is on point thou!

  • Yuh dun Know.....

    A boy?

  • Yuh dun Know.....

    I think he’s trying to sleep with all these girls to get out his mind the fact that he also had some n*ggas who made him bust just as good. Hahahahaha………


  • Don'tGiveAWhat


  • B3 Fearless

    @Yuh dun Know…..

    My thoughts exactly. I just chalk it up to him continuing to try to push this playboy image by being seen with as many various women as possible.

    No different than what Diddy does.

  • JC

    She looks madd trashy, and ‘
    Brooklyn, Stand UP’ was right that dress does look like she got it from $10 & up rack. If she did her make-up…..poor girl got alot to learn, and her hair….uhh…let me stop before people think I’m hating. Cute girl though.

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    @ Yuh dun Know… & B3 Fearless

    It won’t work. Deep down, Trey(de) knows he’s as queer as a blue fire truck …


  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!



    She looks waaaaaaaay better w/ short hair.

    Her make-up is looking a bit “clownish” I must add. I counted like 4 colors on her eyeslids, lol…

  • McKenzie

    I swear I saw that same Gold dress in Rave and rainbows for $12.99. Geesh Cute girl, poor taste, let me be ya stylist Rosa!

  • luvkale

    those two big red pimples on her chin prob. was the reason why he went home went Jessica…LOL

  • I don't get it

    Rosa looks tacky. Cheap dress, jacked up wig and messed up make up.

    Sad Sad Sad


    If he was da “true” player he seems to try to potray hisself to be, he would have rolled home with both of em 😉

  • Yerr



    potray = portray 🙂

  • frankbarbie

    gold lame’, silver accessories, pink nails and a synthetic wig.

    Rosa, i wouldn’t have done you this way on your birthday. *sigh* another person surrounded by yes ppl.

    what happened to the short cut??

  • Candid Canuck

    trey songz is one of those kats that have no prolem gettin gyal… i respect that… he got the lookk and swagger… so if he swing both ways, he can pull it off….he remind of those cats in school that all the girls flock over…an abundance of gyal while for me girls were like a tax return… once a year i may get a little somethin back… SMDH @ myself.. damn!

  • B3 Fearless

    @Candid Chuck

    Awww. Poor baby. But don’t be fooled.

    Trey’s one of those guys who you can just tell was not the business in high school but grew into his looks. Truth be told women didn’t start REALLY feeling him until he cut those corn rows off and started dressing like a grown man.

  • Bossip sucks

    isnt she too old for Trey, dang Jess, she really wanna be scene!

  • Yuh dun Know.....


    now THAT was FUNNY!!!

    “As queer as a blue fire truck”…..LMAO!!!!!

    @B3 Fearless:

    Exactly! Dont they know that they are see-through?? lol


    once again POO POO 🙂

  • Teasha

    um she cute but its Jessica White the super model n she is pretty also she to me would be betta quality to Trey

  • K-mia

    Seriously??? That shiny, gold dress says “im for sale”

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