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Christopher Bates

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A man named Christopher Bates was on vacation when his coworker’s lottery pool won $50M, now he’s suing all 24 coworkers for a portion of the payday.

According to The Sun, Bates of Ontario, Canada was a regular participant in his job’s lottery pool, and the one time he didn’t participate, the group won a HUGE $50M jackpot.

Reportedly each player was awarded over $1.9M, with around $2,400 in interest.

After hearing of the win while he was out on vacation, Bates contacted his lawyer and argued that he was entitled to the money because he was the actual founder of the lottery pool.

His coworkers however said that the pool was based on a “no pay no play” rule that they collectively adopted.

This instantly created an awkward situation for all parties involved and Bates filed a lawsuit. Other coworkers also ended up making a claim for the winnings further delaying payouts.

Batess’ lawyer argued his peers had a duty to act in good faith running the pool. Furthermore, he stated they should have entered everyone into the pool who regularly participated.

In the end, a 10-day civil trial began and ended on the second day. A settlement was reached but details haven’t been disclosed to the public, reports The Sun.



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