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We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate America’s birthday than two cops being removed from field duty for overly aggressive use of force against a Black woman.

CNN reports that two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies have been sidelined while the department investigates an incident that happened on June 24 outside a grocery store in Lancaster, California. The unnamed officers detained a Black couple during a response to a call about a robbery. In the video of the incident, a Black man is handcuffed while pleading his case with the officers saying, “[I’m] not going to fight you.”

The man also told the officer that his wife is sick with cancer.

The wife, who is likely afraid that these deputies will commit violence against her husband, begins to film the encounter. Unfortunately, her fears would be soon confirmed as one of the deputies charged her and reached to snatch the cell phone out of her hand. When she warns the deputy not to touch her, he responds, “Stop or you’re gonna get punched in the face.”

What happens next is rather disturbing and you can see it for yourself in the video below…



Let the sheriff’s office tell it:

The footage will be reviewed “to determine if the force used was reasonable, necessary, appropriate, and proportional to the level of actions described.”

Of course, police think that cell phones present a threat; they expose the truth to the masses with the click of a finger.

ABC 7 adds that Tom Yu, an attorney for the deputies, said the deputies were dispatched to deal with what they understood to be a robbery in progress in which the suspects had allegedly threatened store employees.

Yu notes that if “the woman had complied with deputies’ demands, they would not have had to use force to take her down.”

“There’s a narrative of saying, ‘The deputies struck her down because she was recording,” said Yu. “She’s not an innocent bystander. She’s involved. She’s detained in this robbery investigation.”





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