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Another day in Amerikkka.

Darell Preston is the owner of LoRell’s Chicken Shack in Portland, Oregon. According to a USA Today report, he was talking to his wife on the phone in broad daylight when he was violently attacked by a white man who was screaming racial slurs at him.

“I hit you, (racial slur), stay on the ground!” the man shouted at Preston.

As with many things nowadays, the attack was captured on cell phone video that was promptly posted to social media.


This video and the resulting injuries that Darell Prestion sustained are very disturbing and will likely infuriate you. Please take stock of your mental health before proceeding to press play.

As a result of this attack, Preston’s face was covered in blood, one eye was swollen completely shut, and the other eye was barely open. He also suffered fractures, a broken nose, and numerous lacerations.

**TRIGGER WARNING** Graphic images below

Fortunately, it seems that the man who is thought to be responsible for the crime has been arrested and taken off the streets. KGW is reporting that 40-year-old Daniel Thomas Warren was arrested by the Portland Police Department and charged with second-degree assault.

We hope that Warren’s racist slurs are taken into full account when he goes to trial so that he can be subject to whatever exponential punishment is legally allowed for hate crimes.


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