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File this one under “oh, that’s some ol’ bulls**t!”

A Black woman in Tennessee named Pamela Moses has been sentenced to SIX YEARS IN PRISON for attempting to register to vote according to The Guardian. You read every syllable of that last sentence correctly. Here’s what happened…

Pamela Moses is an activist in Memphis, Tennessee who pleaded guilty to perjury and tampering with evidence in connection to charges for stalking a local judge. Owning the charges meant that she’s now a registered felon and ineligible to vote in the Volunteer State. However, Moses was unaware of that caveat and thus registered to vote while on probation in 2019. That same year, Moses ran for mayor but was told that she couldn’t appear on the ballot because of the felony.

During a court appearance, a judge told her that she was still on probation, a ruling that Moses thought to be an error. Being a diligent citizen, Moses went to a probation office to get the situation clarified. A probation officer signed a certificate stating that her probation was officially over. State error number one.

The state of Tennessee also never processed the proper paperwork to have Moses removed from the official voting roll. State error number two. During the trial, prosecutors argued that Moses was intentionally tried to dupe the system despite the fact that an official had signed off on her probation and the state failed to do their part to remove her from the roll.

“Even knowing that order denied her expiration of sentence, Pamela Moses submitted that form with her application for voter registration and signed an oath as to the accuracy of the information submitted,” prosecutors wrote in their request for an indictment. “Pamela Moses knowingly made or consented to a false entry on her permanent registration.”

“You tricked the probation department into giving you documents saying you were off probation,” the judge sentencing her said last week.

The gavel bangs. Pamela Moses is sentenced to six years in prison. She is currently in custody and is planning to appeal that bum judge’s ruling. This is Amerikkka.




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