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Carlee Russell

Source: Hoover Police Department / Hoover PD

This one is going to set the internet on FIRE.

The Hoover Police Department just wrapped up its first press conference to update the public on the facts that they have uncovered during the early part of its investigation into the alleged Carlee Russell abduction. Sufficed to say, there are many more questions than there are answers, and it’s starting to look…not-so-good for Carlee’s story.

Police Chief Nicholas C. Derzis spoke extensively about what Carlee told them and what they ascertained on their own. Most of what the chief said was bar for bar what was released yesterday afternoon, however, the big joker hit the table when it was revealed that police had obtained a list of Carlee’s internet searches from the days prior to her going missing.

According to Chief Derzis, Carlee searched for the Liam Neeson film Taken, she searched for AMBER Alerts, how to steal money without getting caught, and one-way bus tickets to Nashville, Tennessee.

At this time, Carlee’s family has said that she is not ready to give police a second interview but authorities are eager to sit down with her again to get more information to round out the conflicting nature of this story.

Earlier today, BOSSIP reported on Carlee’s mother’s statement about “rumors” and “lies” being spread on the internet about her daughter’s disappearance. We can’t help but feel bad for Carlee’s parents as they now have to question if they were duped and are now subject to public embarrassment.

We’ll most certainly have more details for you as soon as they are available. You can watch the entire press conference in full in the video below.



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