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Policeman in uniform on duty with a K9 canine German shepherd police dog during public event. Blurred people in the background.

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The truth has come to light…

Last week, BOSSIP reported that Circleville Police Department Officer Ryan Speakman was fired for siccing his K-9 onto an unarmed Black truck driver named Jadarrius Rose who was holding his hands in the air.

Today, according to a new ABC News report, we regretfully inform you that our previous story was not true unbeknownst to us. Authorities released records that reveal the real reason that former officer Speakman was dismissed from duty. As far as his superiors are concerned, there was absolutely nothing wrong with allowing the dog to maul someone who was obviously not a threat. However, the brass in blue had a huge issue with how many people Speakman spoke to about the incident while an investigation was pending.

Police reports state that Speakman spent days literally crying at work about the attack and feared that he was going to lose his doggy partner Serge. When he was questioned and reprimanded about his loose lips, he told Circleville Police Chief Shawn Baer that he had only spoken to “a couple” of people inside the department.

“He was begging I do not take his best friend from him,” Baer wrote, according to the report. “I told him that we had not taken K-9 Serge from him and that he was scheduled to go to training. I told him again, if you haven’t done anything wrong, we would not take (the) K-9 from him.”

Records state that Baer demanded a full list of all the people who Speakman talked to after the incident. That list was significantly longer than Speakman initially led on.

The chief wrote that on July 21, “Ryan Speakman brought a two-page list of people outside of CPD that he had spoken with” and that a day later gave him two additional names.

Lying to the higher-ups is what got this canine-controlling cop canned, not the completely unnecessary attack on an unarmed Black man.

Former Officer Speakman Seen On Body Camera After Siccing K-9 On Jadarrius Rose

NBC News has released body cam footage of Speakman seemingly defending his decision to release the K-9.

“I don’t know why they seem, like, pissed off at me,” Speakman can be heard saying.

“He didn’t comply,” Speakman says. “I gave him three commands. I told him, ‘Final warning. If you don’t get on the ground you’re going to get the dog.'”

“I don’t know why they seem mad at me for,” he says. “He wasn’t complying. I mean, am I wrong?”

“No,” an unnamed colleague responds.



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