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The energy of a million ancestors appeared to be coursing through the veins of the numerous brothas and sistas who put themselves in harm’s way to defend their fellow brotha during a now-viral brawl on the Montgomery, Alabama Riverfront that is colloquially being referred to as, wait for it…”Fade in the Water,” a take on the negro spiritual “Wade In The Water.” Those lion-hearted heroes were not having any of it and to say that the video footage is thrilling and delightful is a gross understatement. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes, sometimes, a lil’ bit of violence is indeed the answer.

It all started when a Black security guard informed a group of arrogant Anglo-Saxons that they needed to move their lil’ dingy so that a big dawg boat can dock. As people with a sordid history of thinking that no one can tell them what to do, the Caucasians attempted to assert their will and subvert the rules. The security guard was clearly annoyed by the Anglo-Saxons and he tried to communicate with them calmly but to no avail. What followed was a cowardly attack by the white savages…

What happened next will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most joyful, celebrated and talked about moments in the history of the internet. Book it. In an act of brotherhood and solidarity, a man lept from the big boat and began swimming to the dock to help the Black security guard who was being jumped by half dozen of Bud Light bullies. Soon after, scores of Black folks came out of the woodwork to lay hands on the onerous opaque opps. Understand that. Let it marinate. A brotha jumped off a boat, in full clothes, swam to the dock and administered an all-time a$$ whoopin’.

God bless our people.

As a result of the brouhaha, several people were arrested, including the whites who started the whole damn thing. According to WSFA, the police are investigating the video and are looking to make more arrests and bring more charges.


Social media is currently having a field day with this and everything single thing is f***ing funny.

Every. Thing.


We sincerely hope that every single Black person arrested has their charges dropped and those who got away, remain scot-free.


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