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50 Cent faces a possible felony charge after going Cardi at a concert and throwing a mic offstage that allegedly busted Bryhana Monegain’s head open.

50 Cent: The Final Lap Tour - Atlanta, GA

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

If anybody is sympathetic about someone catching a stray, you’d think it would be 50 Cent. The rapper is accused of striking a woman in the audience at his Final Lap tour. TMZ reports Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain filed a police report for felony battery after she says the mic-throwing incident sent her to the hospital with a gushing head wound.

On Wednesday night, 50 took the stage with YG in the Los Angeles native’s hometown at the Arean for his tour. For seasoned pros like the Many Men rapper, the show must go on no matter what goes wrong. That night, he didn’t have one technical difficulty. 50 had several rapid-fire fails with broken microphones.

After the first mic was a dud, the crew handed him three more that also didn’t work. 50 threw the busted equipment offstage.

Check out the video of the mic-throwing moment below.

It’s unclear how far he was aiming with the toss, but 50 threw that mic like a folding chair during the Montgomery Riverboat Rumble. And it looks like it connected just as hard, if not worse.

Instead of ending up in the hands of the production team, the broken mic reportedly went upside Byhana’s head. The airborne audio equipment left her with a nasty wound right in the middle of her forehead. She posted a video of herself on Instagram taking an ambulance to the hospital while covered in blood.

Another clip showed the radio personality in a lot of pain in the ER and wondering if she had a head injury beyond the laceration.

“It hurt so bad. Now I’m feeling it even more. I just want to check my brain, like am I going to be OK? I just want to make sure ain’t nothing bleeding. I need to make sure I’m healthy,” she explained.

Check out details from Bryhana Monegain’s police report for battery and 50 Cent’s response after the flip!


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