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People ain’t s#!t and the news cycle reminds us of this every single day.

You may have seen a viral video currently circulating on one or all of your social media platforms that shows the injuries suffered by a Black woman named Rho Bashe after she was bashed in the head with a brick. As she tells it, the attack was a result of her refusing the advances of an unknown man who wanted her phone number.

Bashe immediately began recording in the aftermath saying, “Y’all, this man just hit me in my face with a brick and all these Black men just watched. This man…grabbed a rock and hit me in my face because I wouldn’t give him my number.”

After chastising the crowd of sentient male onlookers who asked what she wanted them to do about the attack Bashe replied,

“I want you to be a man and do something. You gonna let a man hit me in my face?”

If you have not, we have placed it below and warn you to take stock of your mental health before watching. It is not a bloody video but it can be triggering and disturbing to see.

Sadly yet typically, there are scores of goofies on Twitter and beyond making video responses, and sending tweets essentially blaming Bashe for how she was treated. Their illogical argument is that she has previously commented about how Black men aren’t the protectors that they should be for Black women. Somehow, the goofies don’t realize how poignantly they have proved her point.

If that hurt the goofies tender lil’ feelings, then this is going to hurt a lot worse.


Carnegie Mellon Department of Modern Languages professor, Dr. Uju Anya sent out a message about the current criticism circulating on Twitter:

“Black men pulling stuff from a Black woman’s social media they claim show she didn’t ‘deserve’ protection when a Black man smashed her face with a brick for not giving him her number. Same thing white supremacists do after cops murder Black people to claim they deserved to die.”

If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack.



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