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The ongoing drama between retired NFL baller Michael Oher and his white “family” the Tuohys is ongoing and today we have some new updates.

According to a new article in PEOPLE, the Tuohys have filed a court document making their case against Oher’s claims that they took advantage of him by having him sign a conservatorship at age 18. The legal agreement made a path for the family to profit off of his then-potential NFL career and subsequently, The Blind Side film that was produced about his life.


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Let these folks tell it, they are willing to officially end their conservatorship over Oher but have asked a judge to deny his claim to financial restitution. Moreover, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy tell the court that they never had plans to officially adopt Oher despite calling him their “son” several times “in the colloquial sense”. Right…

Oher has alleged that the Tuohys have made “millions’ off of his likeness via the Oscar Award-winning film. In their legal filing, the Tuohys respond to Oher’s allegations stating that they, their children, and Oher split the profits equally at a rate of 20% each.

“It is important to note that [Oher’s] share was paid to [the Tuohys] who paid the taxes due on these funds for some period of time but still cut a check for a full share (20%) to [Oher],” Sean and Leigh Anne’s latest filing says.

The Tuohys are also claiming that the only reason they had conservatorship papers drawn up is to circumvent a rule that would have barred Oher from playing at Mississippi because they are donors to the athletic program.

The Tuohys “vehementlydeny” they viewed Oher as “a gullible young man whose athletic talent could be exploited for their own benefit,” as he claimed last month in his petition to end the conservatorship.

Somebody here is clearly telling a bald-faced lie and it’s going to be very interesting to see how the court adjudicates the conflicting claims.


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