How Nice…Lil Angel Iris Murphy Brown Spends Quality Time With Her Sister Bella

- By Bossip Staff

Look what we have here. After Eddie Murphy decided to stop acting like a deadbeat jackass towards his youngest seed, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, she has been spotted hanging with her sister Bella (Eddie’s youngest daughter with Nicole).

Good to see them together, but Mel B is gonna HAVE to do something with that child’s hair. SMH.

Peep more family fun…

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  • baybaybay

    Now we see Eddie isn’t such a coldhearted bastard after all his conscience got to him good!

  • baby

    Yes, it’s nice. I saw these pics on Blackcelebkids and thought they were such beautiful pictures and showed how people can change. Kudos to the Mel B for accepting Bella

  • bklyn lady

    KUDOS TO NICOLE MURPHY!!!!!!!!!! She was instrumental in making this union happen. Nicole convinced Eddie to do the right thing. Now thats a REAL woman!!!!!




  • bklyn lady

    That poor childs hair just aint right.

  • Nique (Life in the Fab Lane)

    Mel B is gonna HAVE to do something with that child’s hair. SMH.

    Send her 2 a Dominican salon!

  • AmRose

    You Americans DON’T Know Style I Absolutely LOVE Her Hair Well Done Melanie Brown!

  • Luscious

    I just get an attitude looking at that kids’ hair. I know her mama prides herself on being this goofy azz dumb chick, and that’s cool if that’s how she wants to represent herself but I hate how she presents her child…its more than a matter of taste, its just trifling!

  • resurrected

    Well that little girl hair is never looking nice Mel B needs to take some pointers from Nicole Angel is going to get some teased when she go to school…

  • resurrected


    If dreamworks made him do it then he will not be there very long because it has no real sincerity… I am not sure why Mel B thinks that letting Angel were her air like that is cool she does not treat her other daughter in this light and she never looks that unkept, never…

  • resurrected

    Also Mel B never looks unkept don’t know too many mother who who children look worst then them I know she is hearing what people think about her child… Look at Mel B in these pictures her hair is done and her clothers don’t two sizes too big so for the life of me I am not sure why she is treating her child like that…

  • tg

    Like I said before – Nicole is an awesome woman. She got beauty, body and BRAINS. I’m glad she could mediate things and they turned out well. TEAM NICOLE – definitely. I really admire that woman. They look precious.

  • Detroit

    I think it was Nicole Murphy’s decision to make this happen!!! Not Eddie, Good for her!!!

  • Mscreative1

    Awww that’s nice!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  • jacs

    Nicole always keeps her kids looking right. MeL B needs to stop,
    little Angel baby looks like Sonic
    the Hedgehog. don’t like Jada Pinkett’s daughter’s hair either.

  • Aunt Viv

    I think the kid is adorable, hair and all.

  • intuitivepisces

    @ ThatBKChick
    5/14/10, 10:07:am

    That makes perfect “dollars and cents”.

    I think the baby’s hair looks terrible. If Mel B. wanted to make her look “edgy”, she could have had the baby’s hair braided in a faux hawk in order to keep her looking neat and well-kept.

  • sexy

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  • intuitivepisces

    I must add that both girls are adorable.

  • NCdiva

    The kids are adorable.

  • real black is chocolate

    fake azz mixed looking kids and anti black!


    Interracial relationships and mixed/light-skinned is devils sh’t!

    born dark-skinned black stay dark-skinned black!


  • JECCA111

    I think the connection is coming from Eddie’s ex-wife, not Eddie. And yes, that child’s head is a disaster. Mel B should be ashamed of herself. Doing that to her kid for attention.

  • CERO

    Eddie is probably coming around because he does not want Mel B to jack up his daughters hair anymore than she already has.

  • bLaQuE iS bEaUtIfUl

    AWWWWW…How sweet! Hercules, Hercules, Hercules…(patting hands to the air…lol)

  • Dance

    @real black is chocolate I Black Americans have some percentage of White in our blood so it silly to hate on light skinned Blacks.. Black family’s come from the lightest to the darkest of color… And Black kid don’t need Dominican salon.. Our Black American salon will do.

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