Draya Michele is setting the record straight about what she’s done to alter her body, letting fans know about the cosmetic procedures she’s undergone throughout the years.

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The social media star stopped by Stepping Into The Shade Room for an honest interview, where she opened up about relationships, co-parenting, and how she’s achieved her famous curves.

While she attributes her body to working out a “minimum [of] four times a week” on account of her “sh**ty” diet, she also acknowledged that not everything about her physique is completely natural.

“Through my adulthood, I have made alterations to things,” she admitted. “There’s a lot of misconceptions about the work that I have had done.”

Draya went on to insist that she has never had a Brazilian butt lift, something she’s denied for years, though she did admit to getting illegal butt injections ten years ago.

“I came out on a TV show in 2011. In 2013, 10 years ago, I got butt shots. One round, the most mildest thing you could get, because it was set up to get multiple [rounds of injections].”

The reality star went on to point out that the type of injections she got were, “The illegal kind. The ghetto kind,” basing her decision on the person doing the procedure.

“It was just about who can do it and who had the track record of being able to do it. And I trusted the person who did it,” she explained. “I was very happy — the world is happy with the results! … But I’ve only touched my actual butt one time. And, no, it wasn’t ’cause I took fat from my stomach and put it into my butt.”

Draya also says she has undergone two boob jobs, because her first set of implants were “way too big” and “10 years old” by the time she had them removed, getting a breast lift and opting for smaller implants.

She also acknowledged that she tried out liposuction and underwent a reverse tummy tuck before insisting that she hasn’t touched her face at all.




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