The Battle For Nahla Is On!!! And Gabriel Is Ready To Fight Halle For Custody

- By Bossip Staff

His split with Halle Berry was supposed to be amicable, but it looks like when it comes to sharing custody of little Nahla, Daddy Gabriel Aubrey isn’t trying to go half on his baby!

The former couple has joint custody, but since his relationship with Halle ended Aubrey has reportedly had some difficulty seeing his daughter and he may resort to taking the situation to court to pursue permanent custody.

According to the custody battle between Halle Berry and her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is heating up, particularly around a work trip that Halle has scheduled this summer. Halle is scheduled to spend three months shooting a movie in South Africa and that triggered Gabriel to consider his legal options to fight for permanent custody of their daughter Nahla, a source close to the situation told exclusively.

“It’s been pretty difficult for Gabriel to see Nahla the last few weeks,” a source close to the situation tells “He’s really getting sick of it and it’s getting to the point where he is seriously considering his options regarding pursuing permanent custody. He refuses to give up rights to his daughter, he loves her more than anything and is determined to be a regular, full time fixture in her life.”

“The latest issue is that Halle is due to move to South Africa during July, August and September to work on a movie and she wants to take Nahla with her full time. That would mean Gabriel not seeing his daughter for three whole months and there’s no way he’s going to allow that,” the source told

The argument over custody was really going nowhere, since both Halle and Gabriel are unwilling to give up their daughter during Halle’s three-month shoot.

“Gabriel requested that he be allowed to keep Nahla with him in Los Angeles but Halle wouldn’t let that happen, so the two reached a total stalemate and it started getting nasty, with both of them looking into entering a legal battle,” the source said.

“In the end they reached an agreement. Basically Halle is going to pay Gabriel to be a kind of full time nanny and to come to South Africa for the three months she’s there, and to be Nahla’s full-time caregiver.

“Halle has a huge house that’s being rented for her and she and Gabriel are going to try to live under the same roof and get along for the sake of Nahla.

“Heaven only knows how that’s going to work out, as they haven’t been on the best of terms lately, but they do both love their daughter so maybe they can make it work.

“Halle has got a contingency plan though. If it doesn’t work out with them both living in the same property, she has agreed to rent a house for Gabriel near where she will be staying, and then he gets to look after Nahla all day while she’s working, and return to his place at night.”

“It’s certainly not a conventional solution, but who knows, maybe it will work for them. One thing is for certain though – this definitely is not any kind of attempt at reconciliation. It is definitely 100% over between these two, and if it wasn’t for the fact of sharing a child together they would quite happily never see each other again.

What? A man having a difficult time working out something with Halle Berry??? No way!!!

Wait until she gets a little older, these two both be happy for a summer break.


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  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs I hope Hallie LOOSES her kid.

    Can’t STAND dat ugly biotch!

  • drenk

    the fairest thing to do is cut the baby in half vertically of course

  • bobo

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  • 2Sweet

    Messy. SMH.

  • Jflu

    At least this pretty little baby is loved by both parents!

  • Please

    I dunno, my thoughts are like this. With so many dead beat dads out there. If this dude wants to be a good father to his kid, I see no problems with it.

    What is Halle smoking?


    Did they say Halle was going to pay the baby daddy to be a full-time nanny…SMDH WTF?!

  • Nique (Life in the Fab Lane)

    OMG that has got to be the CUTEST pic I’ve seen… She is so adorable!

  • Ara

    another commiment

  • You Smell Me??

    Is it me or does baby Nahla have her “Nicca Please!” face on?


    LOL @ drenk and you smell me!

  • Please


    Lol…you wrong…lol

  • TRUTH IS....

    paying for fastness halle….

  • n

    Because this is Birdgang Money drenk? SMH. Why don’t people go to other African countries? Morroco, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, it because South Africa has whites? Are people scared of people of their OWN color SMH.

  • n

    Don’t go to Liberia, tho..get straight clowned, anyone.

  • n

    But seriously, I think it’s good that people explore, examine, intertwine with different cultures and ways of life. Idk if I’m biased, but wow..i always hear about just South Africa *sulk*

  • I Stay SMH

    Oh…this is going to turn into a WHOLE mess!

    First all…sounds like she payin to “keep him”. Po thang! Let it go

  • ohhh boooy

    this fool want money if he gets full custody then he will be getting paid .it’s all about the cash can we say kevin and brit all over again.

  • Black, Yet Never Incarcerated!!!

    I don’t get it. I thought Halle had finally found happiness with the perfect (white) man to procreate with and be her lifetime companion.

    I don’t blame ol’ dude for trying to get full custody. I imagine those CHILD SUPPORT checks from Halle would be outrageous!

  • blaq

    Guess she couldn’t make it work with a white guy either…….i guess she failed that doll test back in the day too.

  • Stacey

    Halle made the mistake of thinking that white men are pushovers. They’re MEN, just like any other man, and no man likes being put down, regardless of race. This guy is a major model, and makes, according to the papers, about a million a year. Not filthy rich but more than most of us will see in any given year.

    Halle seems to be a control freak. Truth is, she can’t legally take her daughter out of the country without his signature, and THAT’S why she’s paying to have him there.


    this fool want money if he gets full custody then he will be getting paid .it’s all about the cash can we say kevin and brit all over again.
    EXACTLY! He’s PISSED because he’s not living in the lap of luxury.They should have joint custody with NOBODY receiving a dime.

    His $700,000 per year doesn’t add up to her $15 million per picture, and he thinks he’s entitled to some of her cash-HELL NO!







    Truth is, she can’t legally take her daughter out of the country without his signature, and THAT’S why she’s paying to have him there.
    Why should she have to PAY the father of her child. He can fly back & forth or they can share the kid. Trust me, dude is after MONEY, but he won’t win because Halle’s lawyers ain’t nothin’ to mess with, she sent Eric Benet’s broke butt packing with NOTHING, and they were married.
    Gabriel mess around and get “eaten by a lion” in Africa messing with Halle. Never underestimate a LEO..LOL
    Trust me, if Halle were broke, he WOULD NOT be as interested in his child.

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