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Trick-or-treating can get pretty messy. Luckily for us, WaterWipes and Kelly Rowland have us covered this Halloween or shall we say #Hallowclean?

Kelly Rowland and Noah Weatherspoon WaterWipes Hallowclean Machine

Source: Courtesy / Water Wipes

On October 21, families gathered at the Brooklyn Bridge Harvest Festival to celebrate the launch of the WaterWipes Hallowclean campaign with superstar mother of two, Kelly Rowland.

This Halloween, WaterWipes, the producer of the “world’s purest baby wipes’ is launching 10 Hallowclean, stations with WaterWipe-distributing machines across New York City, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Additionally, WaterWipes is partnering with the Nextdoor App’s Treat Maps to ensure that each station is easily accessible for families on trick-or-treating routes.

To commemorate the nationwide launch, WaterWipes debuted a Hallowclean machine that provides a “mess-detecting” scan of little ones in exchange for wipes to wipe off any candy, slime, or anything else that the kids get into on Halloween. Rowland and her 2-yr-old son Noah showed festival-goers how to use the machine and attendees were given the opportunity to try it out and grab some of their very own WaterWipes, During the demonstration, Rowland discussed how she’ll be using Nextdoor to find a Hallowclean station during Halloween.

Kelly Rowland and Noah Weatherspoon WaterWipes Hallowclean Machine

Source: Courtesy / Water Wipes

“We will definitely look for our [machine] by our neighborhood. Knowing my kids, I also have a 9-yr-old, they get very messy during Halloween,” Rowland said.

Choosing to collaborate with WaterWipes was not a difficult decision for Rowland. WaterWipes are sustainable, non-toxic, and created with 99.9% purified water and a hint of fruit extract. “I love WaterWipes® because it gets the job done and I don’t have to worry about all these unnecessary added ingredients. It’s always in my go-bag,” Rowland said in a press release.

In an exclusive interview, the Grammy-winning songstress and actress spoke with BOSSIP about her decision to partner with WaterWipes.

“I don’t connect with any brand that I don’t have any sort of connection with organically. WaterWipes has been in my house and my family for almost 8 years now,” she said. “They are literally an essential in our household. Whether it’s in my car, in the house, on the go, wherever we are, they really help.”

Rowland was thrilled to share the Hallowclean station duties with her youngest son, who was dressed as an adorable astronaut. “Noah doesn’t really come with me to work. I think this is his second time coming with me,” she told BOSSIP. “I really love it and he likes being out here with me.”

Kelly Rowland and Noah Weatherspoon WaterWipes Hallowclean Machine

Source: Courtesy / Water Wipes

In case you were wondering what Halloween will be like for Kelly Rowland this year, she’s letting her boys take over.

“My oldest Titan gets so excited about Halloween, but he’s also kind of freaked out by it –he’s dressing up as LeBron James this year,” she said. “Noah wants to be a dog, so we’re gonna take them trick or treating, and that’s about it. We usually go all out for Halloween. This year, I’m a little busy, so more than likely the boys will probably think of my costume.”

Because Halloween is the perfect moment to wear a costume that throws it back to the past, we had to ask what Destiny’s child era or moment she would recreate.

“Dang, that’s good. I’m going to go with Bootylicious,” she said. “Bootylicious Kelly with the bob was really fun, which I saw Saweetie did, which was really cool, but that was a very iconic moment.”

We know that no matter what costumes Kelly wears, she’s going to look great and the best part is she’ll be keeping it #Hallowclean with WaterWipes at the same time.


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