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 Diddy recently alleged that Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. sent him a legal letter over his 2022 homage to Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker so he made a petty heel turn with this year’s Halloween costume.

Last year one of the top Halloween costumes came from Diddy who paid tribute to Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. The attire was so on point that some people couldn’t even tell it was Diddy including Power actor Michael J. Ferguson who went viral after being trolled on camera by the Bad Boy mogul.


While on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, October 30, Diddy revealed a shocking tidbit about his infamous costume and claimed that Warner Bros. wasn’t happy with how accurate the details were.

Complex reports that Diddy told the talk show host that he was threatened with legal action over the look.

“Last year I was the Joker, and I actually got a letter from the studio that I can no longer be the Joker because they said it broke their trademark that I did it too good, I swear,” Diddy said. “I have this letter from Warner Brothers.”

He went on to hint that he had a defiant response in the works.

“Tomorrow, Warner Brothers lawyers, can you see me? Put this camera on me right here. Head of legal, tomorrow, watch what I do.”


Despite him hinting that he’d respond pettily to Warner Bros.’ request, a defeated Diddy told his Instagram followers on Tuesday that he’d be obeying the company’s wishes.

“Breaking Halloween news: last year after I did the Black Joker, I got a bunch of emails from the studio telling me to not be the Joker anymore, that I was breaching the trademark. So I dont know what I’m going to be this year,” said Diddy.

“To the motherf****** that took all this time… to tell me not to be the Joker, you win. I’m not going to be the Joker this year because you’re a** had enough time to f*** up my motherf***** Halloween,” he added.

Halloween is officially over but early Wednesday morning he revealed his costume, Bruce Wayne a.k.a. “The Darkest Knight.” For fans of the Batman franchise, you’ll even notice he filmed a portion of his reveal in the same location as the movie.

You can check out his costume below.



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