Reggie Bush Is Still Swirling

- By Bossip Staff

Reggie Bush has been seen on the scene with a new chick, and she’s not a sista:

Reggie Bush hasn’t wasted much time moving on from his gorgeous ex, Kim Kardashian. The Saints star was spotted shopping at Barneys in Beverly Hills with a new, curvy brunette on his arm over the weekend. A witness said, “They looked pretty relaxed to gether, like they’d known each other for a while.” The date could put an end to rumors that Bush was still plaguing Kardashian with calls hoping for a reconciliation. She’s since been linked to womanizing soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

SMH. We wonder if it’s the same “brunette” from last time…hmmmmm


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  • 1987

    so he only likes non-black women? Who cares?! He seems like he’s a low down dirty dog anyways.

  • Educate yourself

    Oh well life goes on i just hope she introduce some good old coconut oil for his hands they are so ashy lol

  • BigDaddy

    Nobody’s surprised that he gets after Barbie anymore…
    The only thing that surprised me was whoever wrote the blurb that called Kim Kardashian “gorgeous”.
    Somebody needs their vision checked, and quick before they get behind the wheel!

  • lovers

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  • ErycaK

    He’s a waste..

  • lola_uk

    what does it matter whether she is a “sista” or not?

    ps. where did that term (term) originate? does anybody know?

  • ohhh boooy

    come on now black women don’t let this fool get you down in my eyes there is nothing better than a strong black woman by my side I feel so sorry for all the black men that switch over once they get a lil fame and money and not know that the only reason this white chick is with them is because of their money and fame and not because of who they are .

  • jnice

    he’s from San Diego…what do you expect?

  • lola_uk

    term :sista/brotha

  • chaka1


  • -

    @jnice has NOT from San diego, he’s from new orleans!

  • Say What???

    Live and let live…

  • jnice

    originally from San Diego…not where he play football now

  • Ree

    Okay he’s dating another white woman… that’s really not a story. Now if he starts dating black women, THAT WOULD BE A STORY!

  • LaDiva

    Ahh who cares. He wasn’t checking for u – no need to feel salty over his choice of women.
    I aint losing sleep over who he chooses to sleep with…

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    “Reggie Bush dates a White woman!”…and penguins live in the Artic. Neither is news. It’s one thing to love White people, it’s another to think you ARE White, boy get some damn lotion!

  • -

    He’s from La mesa california

  • I'm Just Me... Keeping it Real Since: 1983...EXPECTING

    Eh, who cares?

    He wasn’t going to date me anyway.


    Swirl is good.

  • -

    He got it from Kim

  • leslie

    Reggie was in Vegas all weekend. Did he fly from Vegas back to Los Angeles and then back to Vegas? He was in Vegas everyday this weekend.


    More free, commitment free azz for Reggie! Yaaay

  • Ms. T.

    Ew WTF is wrong with his hand?

  • Pisces82
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