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The Family Hustle turned into a family feud when King Harris got into a fight with his parents, T.I. and Tiny Harris, on camera.

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Loved ones across the country clashed over Thanksgiving weekend, and it looks like T.I.’s family is no different. The fun and games at the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints match took a nasty turn on Sunday. HipHopDX reports the father and son got into a luxury suite squabble on IG Live about King’s childhood.

King Harris Argues With T.I. About Not Having A “Silver Spoon” Upbringing

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The father and son went from watching hard blows on the field to nearly throwing them. When King referenced a difficult childhood, his music mogul parents quickly clapped back.

“King, have you ever woke up with a roach on your face? Alright then! You don’t know what you talking ’bout,” T.I. snapped.

“To make him look better, he [T.I.] say s**t that he know not true. Silver spoon? I ain’t never ate with that a day in my life,” the teen responded.

The tension began to escalate as the twinning twosome went back and forth. Despite their former VH1 reality show, there’s a lot the public didn’t know. As the exchange continued, both men put each other on blast.

Fans of the series saw King seemingly living the sweet life in their Atlanta mansion. However, he claims he spent much of his childhood at his grandmother’s house, where he could be “outside in the neighborhood” and “get into fights.”

T.I. exposed that his son “cried like a baby” to go back to grandma’s house. He also said King would often “hold [his] breath and throw tantrums.” Tiny cosigned, adding that King preferred his grandmother because she let him “suck a pacifier until he was 12 years old.”

“He capping! He capping! I stand on business,” King yelled, before saying, “You want to hide it from the world? I’ll put it out there for them to see!”

See how the Harris family feud led to T.I. putting King in a headlock after the flip!

King Harris Claims He “Stands On Business” Before T.I. Puts Him In A Headlock

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The heated conversation turned into a shouting match as King Harris accused his father of lying. The tension was up and stuck from there.

“I know you. Shut up! I know you!” the salty son shouted, seemingly threatening to expose some family secrets. Tiny tried to reassure him that they were joking, but it was too late.

“What’s wrong with y’all? Why are y’all doing that to me?” King asked, upset about becoming the punchline. “Why are you letting him play with me like that? Ain’t no joking!”

Eventually, the argument escalated into an altercation. Like a reenactment from Baby Boy, T.I. put King into a headlock.

“You are embarrassing yourself and your family! Boy, you can’t do nothing with me! Ain’t s**t you can do with me!” the Paper Trail rapper yelled.

Watch King and T.I.’s dysfunctional dispute below.

The drama didn’t end there! King took to Instagram Stories to get the last word.

“I Stand on. BUSINESS DONT GIVE A F**K WHO U ARE … IDGAF WHO U ARE MF CANT PLAY WIT ME N MY FACE NOT GOIN FOR DA IM A GROWN A** MAN NOW … If ima mistake say dat stop making da world think u fw me when u DONT,” he wrote across a series of photos.

Clearly, this is deeper than embarrassing stories or whether King was spoiled or not. Sunday wasn’t the first time King brought up living with his grandmother. He opened up about life behind the scenes on Open Thoughts in October.

King claimed he only came to the family home to film Family Hustle like an actor working on set. When the reality TV cameras stopped, reality kicked in at his grandmother’s house.

“There’s a lot about that TV show that got people confused. Because I live with my grandma. We’ll go to [T.I. and Tiny’s] house on like a weekend. They’ll say, ‘Hey we shooting today, we need y’all at the house,” King revealed.

“They come get me [at] my grandma house. And right after we done, when the cameras go off, I’m right back to my grandma house.”

Check out King’s full interview on Open Thoughts with Funny Marco below.

Do you agree that King Harris was “standing on business” with T.I. & Tiny? Who took it too far?

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