Trey Songz Gets It In With His Ex-Girlfriend In New Video “Already Taken”… Looks Like The Love Is Still There!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Trey Songz brings in his ex-girlfriend Helen Gedlu to be his love interest for his new video “Already Taken” for the new movie “Step Up 3D”. It looks like Trey still has some feelings for Helen because we have never seen him look at a woman like this before. We wouldn’t be surprised if these two decided to start fresh again!!!

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  • http://bossip MY BAAD>>

    1st 🙂

  • Shawty

    Ehhh. WAIT. I Thought “Trey Is Gay”

  • http://bossip MY BAAD>>

    cute soundtrack jawn.. they do look as if they enhave fuun together.. awwwwwwww whatevs!!

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    Helen isn’t quite over him, but he’s still sus. #thatisall

  • Shon


  • ChizyGal

    @hey,leave dat boy alone u haters

  • Fab.

    They look happy.

  • Pray ni%%a Pray

    They dude is dumb, because that chick is too fine!

  • Sharie

    Trey mess wit too many women…. Be careful ladies!

  • Hershey

    Trey doing a little too much kissing. Toni, Keri, this chick. ewwwwww

  • dayg715

    yawn…he’ll never be Usher, no matter how hard he tries.

  • CandyGirl

    Her dancing isn’t that great.

  • http://bossip Hannibals Dad

    Trey represent !! f the broke haters !!!

  • Phacorah

    Ignore the haters Trey. Still love you. 2 days and counting until you’re here in Denver. I’ll be there with my LOL 🙂 shirt on representing for you.

    SideBar to the haters. Why does an artist have to be better or match another? Why can’t they just be cool with where they are in their career. As most of you seem to be cool in your hating lifestyles. Old folks never lied when they say success brings out the ugly in people. Just say you don’t care for it and move on.

  • champhf

    nice beard…!!!

  • Mocha203

    She looks like Chili from TLC…I think they look cute together…and yall need to stop calling him gay just because he is a pretty boy…stop hatin’!

  • densure

    they look good together….

  • realtalk


  • sexiest gay bitch

    A hate it when people call straight guys gay , trey songz and drake aint gay people . We know each other and them dudes aint part of us sOOO stop it********

  • french fruity

    when I see his little hard a s s I know that I’m a f a g FOR SHURE TREY

    TREY get out of the closet please I want your body

    we gonna kick it with drake

  • Yin

    Seriously, who the hell wrote this song?!? “If I ever do wrong, I can have all the money, all keys from that day on she still with me” (Whoever wrote this bs you need 2 box) LMAO

    • Rhonda B

      from that day on shes through with me…….not still with me

  • Kathy

    They are a very cute couple.
    She did dancing in heels and yes if you are a good dancer you could dance in any type of shoes but hey she looked pretty good to me. Haters need somethingn to do with there life!

  • Kathy

    For the record she wasnt in say goodbye that girl name was janina and her name is Helen

  • Tastypeache

    LMAO but honestly Trey has been seen with more women than Flava Flave on both shows COMBINED! if he doesn’t want people judging him, than he shudd keep his life on the down low. I honestly don’t know wats wrong wit dis guy. But this song is nice, and Helen is a pretty girl that cudd dance. BUT TREY IS ANNOYIN!

  • Nunii La'Veia

    he is dating lauren london now they not starting fresh nothing, his lil brother confirmed it on twitter

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