DomiNque Perry Accuses Sarunas J. Jackson Of Abuse

‘Insecure’ Star DomiNque Perry Accuses Former Co-Star Sarunas J. Jackson Of Abuse

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Source: Tommaso Boddi LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JULY 13: DomiNque Perry attends the red carpet premiere of the HBO Max Original Comedy Series “RAP SH!T” at Hammer Museum on July 13, 2022.


Insecure star DomiNque Perry has accused her former co-star and co-parent, Sarunas J. Jackson, of abuse inside an explosive declaration filed in California Superior Court Nov. 28, according to court documents obtained by People. The complaint was filed two weeks after the actress alluded to being a victim of abuse on social media.

According the petition filed Tuesday, Perry alleged that she “experienced emotional volatility,” “intimidation” and “bullying” from Jackson and members of his family over the past five years. The actress, who starred as Tasha on Insecure, also claimed that she endured “undeserved stress” as well as “mental and physical abuse” due to Jackson and his relatives’ “controlling and narcissistic behavior.” 

Perry, who shares a 5-year-old daughter named Zen with the Games People Play star, maintained that she was never romantically involved with the actor. Inside her petition, the Get Hard actress claimed that Jackson has constantly “blamed” her for their daughter  being “on the Autism Spectrum.”

“I was always nervous because I felt that I wasn’t ever good enough by the Petitioner and the family,” the complaint added, according to People.


Perry claimed that Jackson choked her during a “heated” conversation in March 2020.

According to the filing, in March 2020, Perry alleged that Jackson choked her after they had a “heated” conversation about  “a person in the industry,” Radar Online noted.  As their conversation became hostile, the star alleged that the 33-year-old actor “began to repeatedly call her “stupid” and allegedly said, “you talk to your mother like that, not me.” When tensions flared, Jackson allegedly “became more angry and grabbed” Perry by the throat and started “choking” her.  

During the heated dispute, Zen came out of her room and began to cry. Perry claimed that Jackson let her neck go once their daughter entered the room. “He was so angry that he had blood coming from his mouth where he bit his tongue,” the declaration stated.

Jackson allegedly returned to Perry’s residence “a few weeks later” with “scratches all over his neck and face,” according to the filing. “I asked what happened and he stated ‘he cornered his mom and they were fighting.’ The choking on his behalf is the norm. He is violent with women,” Perry, who is also embroiled in a heated custody battle with Jackson, alleged.

In his response declaration filed Nov. 16, Jackson vehemently denied Perry’s claims of abuse.

“It is unclear where Respondent’s allegations of emotional volatility and intimidation are coming from,” his declaration stated. “My family and I have always welcomed Respondent with open arms, inviting her to family events and showing her love and support in more ways than one. In return, Respondent has defamed my character to others, making them believe I am an absent father.”

 Jackson penned that he worried Perry’s allegations would result in “repercussions” for his acting career.

The complaint comes just a few weeks after Keke Palmer was granted a temporary restraining order against Darius Jackson, Sarunas’ younger brother. 

As previously reported, Palmer, 30, was granted a domestic violence restraining order against Darius Jackson — the father of her 8-month-old son, Leodis. The Nope star alleged that Darius assaulted her on more than one occasion. During one heated dispute, Palmer alleged that Darius “lunged” at her neck and “physically attacked” her after he “trespassed” into her home. Under the order, Darius must stay 100 yards away from Palmer and their son until further notice.

Perry posted a meme of Michael Jackson eating popcorn shortly after Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon, put the brothers on blast for their alleged abusive behavior. Some netizens pondered whether she was making fun of Palmer’s situation, but the actress clarified her intention in a statement posted to Instagram Nov. 10.

“There was a repost of a post I made on yesterday. (There’s situations where you laugh to keep from crying.) Let me give clarity. I would never laugh at ANYONE that is subject to domestic abuse, female or male. As it’s known abuse comes in different definitions, silent and physical,” she wrote, hinting that she was also a victim of abuse.

“Only the people enduring such behavior truly understand the effect. Women have been manipulated, abused, lied on for centuries, and put their head down for fear of not being believed. We need to stop being afraid.”

Perry added:

“I may not be at the highest platform in my career just yet to be heard and/or supported by the public, but whenever that time comes, everyone will listen. God is in control of my steps and I’ll respond accordingly. I will be vindicated in his timing.”

Read the full statement below.


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