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Police Stun Gun

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A white female Alabama police officer was caught on a viral video violently using her taser against an innocent, handcuffed Black man last week. BOSSIP reported on the incident and today, the man is speaking out about his resulting trauma.

According to ABC News, 24-year-old Micah Washington is the Black man who was assaulted and cursed at by Reform, Alabama, police officer Dana Elmore while handcuffed and completely cooperative.

“I try to act OK but I am really traumatized. I don’t know how to feel about police now,” Micah Washington told ABC affiliate WBMA in Birmingham, Alabama, on Thursday.

While en route to pick up his brother, Washington’s car had a blowout that he was attempting to fix when he was accosted by Elmore, who demanded his identification despite the fact that she was not conducting a traffic stop.

What happened next was captured by Washington’s brother’s cell phone camera.

Leroy Maxwell Jr., Washington lawyer, spoke to his client’s pain and tearful emotional distress as he pleaded Elmore’s mercy.

“The only thing that was going on in his mind was George Floyd, George Floyd, George Floyd,” Maxwell said. “Because at one point, [the officer] had her foot on his back while [he was lying] on the ground. And then he was having a hard time breathing. And he was yelling that, and that prompted his brother to start recording.”

When all was said and done, Washington was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental operations, resisting arrest, marijuana possession, drug trafficking and ex-felon in possession of a firearm.

According to Maxwell, the ex-felon possession of a firearm will not be pursued by the DA because Washington is “not a felon.” Regarding the drug trafficking, Elmore claims that she pulled seven grams of cocaine and fentanyl out of Washington’s pockets. However…

“The claim was that she pulled seven grams of cocaine laced in fentanyl out of his pocket and a gun, so that’s what they charged him with,” Maxwell told WBMA. “Once the video came out, all of a sudden, those charges get dismissed because the video clearly doesn’t show her pulling any drugs out of his pants.”

District Judge Lance Bailey dismissed the (lyin’ a**) charge.

Washington says he wants “justice” and “an apology.” We won’t hold our breath for either of those things as much as he deserves them both. Elmore has been placed on administrative leave. We’ll have more information as it becomes available.


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