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These white folks truly believe that they are judges, juries and executioners who have been ordained by society to mete out justice in the streets.

According to Law & Crime, in May 2019, Hannah Payne witnessed an accident in which 62-year-old Kenneth Herring ran a red light and made a collision with another vehicle in Clayton County, GA. After staying on the scene of the accident for approximately 15-20 minutes, Herring left, and Payne who was not involved in the crash, thought that she should inject herself into the situation on some Batgirl s**t.

Despite being told multiple times by the 911 operator NOT to engage in a pursuit, that’s exactly what the Caucasian “do-gooder” did under the guise that she believed Herring was intoxicated.

“He is drunk. I’m not,” Payne told the dispatcher before the fatal confrontation. “I’m sorry, but I’m here to tell you I’m not not going to follow him because he is going to cause an accident.”

Law & Crime reports that despite Payne believing Herring was drunk, a witness — a state corrections officer with medic training — also saw the crash and came up to speak to Herring and suggested that he was having a medical emergency and could be in diabetic shock.

“For example, Herring was disoriented, displayed red-orange eyes, and had walked around his truck several times.” 

Ultimately, prosecutors said that Payne’s vigilante pursuit culminated with her blocking Herring’s vehicle with her car, running up on him “very aggressively,” cursing at him, punching him, pulling out her gun, and threatening to shoot him TWICE before ultimately pulling the trigger and taking his life. Payne was subsequently charged with murder and one month later was charged with several other felony crimes connected to the killing.

Yesterday, according to Fox 5 Atlanta, a jury only needed two hours to decide Payne’s fate. They found her guilty of every single charge against her including felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, false imprisonment and three charges of weapons possession during a crime. Payne wept as the verdict was read.


Part of Payne’s defense was that somehow Herring shot himself with her gun as the two wrestled in traffic.

“I pulled it out and immediately started trying to just continue to push against the door with it — like push it away from him” she testified. “He grabbed my hand with the gun in it.”

“As he’s pulling it is when it — the trigger went off,” she added. “After it went off, my entire body kind of fell backwards.”

That premise was particularly galling and offensive to the family of the deceased and they made their feelings clear when the court was adjourned.


“When I heard the first verdict tears started rolling down my face because at that moment I felt relief,” said Herring’s sister, Jacqueline Herring.

“I think it’s selfish to blame the victim when you were the aggressor,” Herring’s sister, Vickie Herring explained outside court.



A sentencing hearing will be held Friday. We hope the judge throws a Barnes & Noble worth of books at this killer Karen.


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