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Another day, another wildly racist white woman.

We’re not sure if there is a pointy hood hall of fame but the latest Karen to hit the news cycle is clearly making her case. According to a NewsOne report, a 67-year-old white woman in Utah named Kathryn Smith has been arrested on multiple warrants for the racist harassment of her neighbor.

Smith’s long history of bigoted behavior was outed by a Tik Tok user named Tizzy Ent. who made a video running down a myriad of instances where she spewed racist slurs and stereotypes. Things got so bad that the neighbor’s 9-year-old child can’t play outside of Smith is there out of fear of being accosted. One video in the montage shows Smith telling the child, “Get back in your house, ni**er!”

An ABC News report states that the victim has taken to social media to beg for help with Smith as she feels that she has no other recourse to end the harassment.

“I share this unfortunate situation publicly with hopes of change in behavior,” the mother, whose lawyer told ABC News that she asked not to be named, wrote in the caption of a series of videos posted to Instagram on Friday. “We have been dealing with a very vulgar and harassing neighbor since May.”

That lawyer, Tyler Ayres, says that he and his client have 81 documented instances of Smith saying some of the most heinous things one could possible say to another human being.

B-b-b-but wait! It gets worse!

ABC obtained a copy of the Unified Police Department (UPD) of Greater Salt Lake arrest warrant and is shows that Smith was charged with assault after Smith “forcibly poked” the neighbors pregnant stomach “before pushing her with both hands in the stomach”. This was witnessed by several other residents.

Put this she-devil in jail. We doubt she can be reformed but we’d very much like to see her suffer.


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