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Race and ethnicity may confuse other people, but Joseline Hernandez says she’s ten toes down as a Black woman, unlike her “Karen” co-star Amber Rose.

joseline hernandez x amber rose

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The Joseline’s Cabaret creator opened up about her identity after the complex topic turned into a confrontation on College Hill: Celebrity Edition. In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, Joseline shut down the race debate about herself and bi-racial baddie Amber Rose.

Despite embracing Blackness, stars like Laz Alonzo, Cardi B, and Joseline constantly have to defend it because of their Spanish-speaking roots. While sitting down with DJ Envy and guest host Jess Hilarious, the Zeus star left no room for doubt.

“I’ve always considered myself a Black woman. But I was born in Puerto Rico and I speak Spanish. My first language is Spanish. But that doesn’t take away from the fact when I walk in the building, people look at me and say ‘that’s a Black woman.’ So I’ve always been cool and love to be a Black woman,” she declared.

Although she reps Puerto Rico proudly, Joseline sees herself as a Black woman. She added that she doesn’t consider herself “Afro-Latina” either.

“They be like, ‘Afro-Latina,’ no b*tch, I don’t have an afro and I am a Black woman that was born in the island of Puerto Rico that speaks Spanish,” Joseline continued.

DJ Envy added that Joseline’s explanation would confuse people, but the Puerto Rican Princess made it very clear.

The proud mom reflected on what she learned about Black American and Black Puerto Rican solidarity during her HBCU experience. There was more cooperation than division between the groups that bonded over shared history more than we do today.

“I condier myserlf a Black woman that was born in Puerto Rico. Yes, I’m Latina because hablo Español. Of course, I speak Spanish and I’m Latin. For me, it’s just that I’m proud to be Black, whether I’m Spanish or not,” Joseline added.

“I just feel like a lot of people have a problem with me being proud to be Black whether I’m Spanish or not. What’s wrong with me being proud that I have this color?”

The Love & Hip Hop: ATL alum went on to reveal why her strong feelings about race led her to butt heads and throw blows with Amber Rose.

See why Joseline Hernandez called Amber Rose a “Karen” and questioned her Philly roots after the flip.

Joseline Hernandez Calls Out Amber Rose As A “Karen”—“That Jawn Is Not From The Part Of Philly That You Think She’s From”

Joseline's Cabaret Las Vegas Premiere Screening

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As BOSSIP previously reported, Amber Rose got physical with Joseline Hernandez while filming an episode of College Hill: Celebrity Edition. Amber went from shouting to swinging at Joseline for accusing her of wanting to be white. As they discussed racial hurdles in an Alabama State University classroom, Amber revealed that she doesn’t fit in with her Black side or her white side.

“You know what your problem is? Your problem is that you really wanna be a white girl,” Joseline fired at Amber.

Despite fighting about her opinion on Amber’s race, Joseline feels the same way. She elaborated on triggering Amber by questioning her Blackness.

“We were talking about the Black sh*t, being Black and I just had to let the b*tch know, b*tch you don’t wanna be Black,” Joseline bluntly said.

“You came out of a Black p**ssy but you don’t wanna say you Black, that’s weird to me. That’s so weird to me, I don’t care what your color is. I always thought she considered herself Black until I really seen that she was a Karen when I got there. Then I was like ‘woah!'”

When DJ Envy asked what she meant, Joseline pulled no punches about the comparison to white women who throw rocks at other races and hide their hands with white tears.

“You know what a ‘Karen’ is! That’s what she is.”

The reality star admitted that she took the chance to go to school seriously but felt like being “ignorant” and a “class clown” that day. ASU expelled Amber for fighting and Joseline for verbally provoking her, which added fuel to the “Karen” claims.

If calling out Amber’s Blackness wasn’t enough, Joseline came for the hood she claims.

“Listen, that jawn is not from the part of Philly that you think she’s from,” she said, adding that she learned the lingo from her Philadelphia native husband Balistic Beats.

Yikes! It looks like the beef between the College Hill co-stars is still deep as ever. BET+ and ASU refused to air footage of the fight, but fans know Joseline can hold her own in any argument or squabble.

Check out Joseline’s full Breakfast Club interview below.

Do you agree with Joseline Hernandez calling Amber Rose a “Karen” or was she wrong for putting her on blast?

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