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Some may know Jonathan Owens as a football player, but most know him as Simone Biles‘ husband. He’s facing much backlash from his recent interview with The Pivot podcast about their marriage.

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The Green Bay Packers safety appeared as the latest guest on the popular sports podcast, The Pivot. The hosts questioned him about a lot of topics, especially his famous love story.

Considering that he’s married to one of the most decorated athletes of all time, AKA the GOAT gymnastics, co-host Channing Crowder, asked the question we all want to know! “How in the hell did you pull Simone Biles?”

His answer, however, sent social media up in a frenzy! He replied, saying, “It’s really how she pulled me.” He emphasized that he “didn’t know who she was” when they first connected, noting he “never really paid attention” to gymnastics.

Jonathan went on to say that, eventually, he caught wind of who she was as an Olympic gold medalist.

“The first thing that I saw was that she just had a bunch of [Instagram] followers,” he said. “So in my mind I’m like, ‘Okay, she’s gotta be good.'”

The two connected during the coronavirus pandemic, so dating looked a bit different for them.

“She came down to Houston,” Jonathan, who played for the Texans at the time, recalled. “She lived in the suburbs, so she had to drive about 45 minutes. Then the rest is history.”

Co-host Ryan Clark followed up by asking if Owens thought he was the catch. Owens replied, “I always say that the men are the catch.”

“I was fighting it,” he continued. “I was afraid to commit. But it happened when I least expected it, and we hung out, and we hit it off instantly.”


Social Media Drags Jonathan Owens’ Claims That He Was “The Catch” For Simone Biles

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Owens’ iconic wife Simone sat by his side during the interview. Clips showed her smiling from ear to ear nonstop as her husband played back the events of their early dating history.

However, fans on the web weren’t all smiles and giggles when they heard Jonathan’s comments. Many took to the comment section saying, “GIRL GET UP!!!! don’t let him disrespect u like that”

Another user wrote, “This is really odd that you would degrade your wife like this on a public platform. You will forever be known as Simone [Biles’] husband. You’re not the catch lmao.”

Not everyone found Owen’s comments distasteful. Some users chimed in with their opinions, saying, “So y’all are telling Simone Biles to divorce her husband Jonathan Owens b/c y’all didn’t like what he said on a podcast (The Pivot) about who is the catch and if he knew who she was when they met? It doesn’t seem to bother Simone Biles. That’s their happily married business.”

“Simone Biles does not feel the need to compete with her husband’s ego. Instead, she strokes it and lets him have his moment. It’s okay to let him think that he’s the catch too!”

As for the lovebirds, they seem pretty unbothered by the backlash. Owens took to Instagram, captioning a photo of him and Biles with “Unbothered … just know we locked in over here” as the caption.

His wife on the other hand went even shorter with one word in a fun photo from their wedding: “Mood.”

How do you feel about Jonathan’s comments? Do you think he was wrong? Let us know your thoughts below!


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