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Nestled in Georgia’s classic American fabric are a dynamic collective of Black outdoorsmen redefining “cool” while elevating hunting culture in the historically conservative state.

Led by expert hunter, master marketer, HBCU graduate (Tennessee State University), and luxury fashion connoisseur Ranar Moody–Founder/Owner of barrier-breaking outdoor brand 24.7Hunt, the culture-shifting group thrives in a hunting renaissance that “builds community through the outdoors with an urban influence.”

“I met Ricky, Daryl, and Aubrey,” recalled Moody about his 24.7Hunt family. “It ain’t that many Black dudes on social media that duck hunt. So I hit ’em up, bro. I was like, ‘We all got similar goals and it’s easier to get there together than separate.’ So once we started moving as a unit, 24.7 blew up.”

Moody grew up hunting whitetails (deer), turkey, quail, and occasionally mallard ducks with his father and grandfather in the hardwoods of Georgia. Now, years later, he’s the face of a booming brand with popular merch and an engaging social media presence.

And when he’s not on the hunt, he’s rapping about his hunting exploits in bass-heavy tracks on his Duck Music mixtape series. Check out his new video for “Way Up” below:

We had the pleasure of joining the emerging star and his 24.7Hunt crew during their annual dove hunting season kick-off event that attracted hundreds of people from across the country to the sold out group hunt.

The bustling weekend brought together outdoorsy men, women, and children of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds for good vibes, networking, and spirited dove hunting on Black-owned land in Montezuma, Georgia.

“My dad used to host dove hunts all the time,” said Moody. “Before social media, 24.7, and all that, people would come all the way from Atlanta or Alabama. So since my brand blew up, now it’s my responsibility to host them. They were big then, but now it’s on a different scale. So hopefully, when my son grows up, it’ll be something that he wants to do.”

Powered by off-road vehicle giant Can-Am, the smoothy executed event was a massive success that opened our eyes to the unifying power of hunting and camaraderie it fosters.

“It was a blessing for Can-Am to donate seven or eight vehicles for us to drive everybody out on the field,” said Waldo Moody, Ranar’s father and Quality Control Manager for 24.7Hunt. “To pick people up and give them water. That means a lot to 24.7 Hunt to have a big company come in and say, ‘What do you guys need? We want to be a part of [this].'”

According to Lydia Parker, Executive Director of Hunters of Color, 97% of U.S. hunters are white which makes Ranar’s movement as a Black man who loves Hip-Hop even more empowering.

“One of the saddest things to hear is, ‘No, we don’t do that; hunting is not for us, hunting is not for me.’ That’s sad because it’s clearly a myth. It’s not true,” said Parker about barriers faced by BIPOC hunters in an interview with The Nature Conservancy.

We talk about things like feeling comfortable around firearms or feeling comfortable going into a predominantly white space. Hunting is currently 97% white and 89% male.

And as women of color there’s an added level of safety concerns and concerns about accessing spaces where you don’t know if people are going to be accepting, or kind, or anti-racist. You don’t know if you’re going to be safe when you get there. You might not have cell service. So, things like that that are actual fears and barriers to entry for BIPOC communities.

It’s rare that you experience genuine humility and a willingness to embrace outsiders which make Ranar a respected leader, father, husband, and ideal hunting ambassador for the next generation of Black hunters.

“I didn’t set out to be a spokesperson, and never in a million years could I have imagined the response being as big as it has been,” said Moody about 24.7’s success in an interview with outdoor apparel brand SITKA Gear.

“We just hunt ducks, write raps and make videos. The DMs we get from young kids telling us we have inspired them to get into hunting—man, that is humbling. To me, hunting is about fellowship, and that’s something that you can’t buy off the shelf.”

24.7Hunt is deeper than hunting. It’s rooted in building community through teamwork, fellowship, positivity, and understanding that serve as the bedrock for the burgeoning brand.

“I’ve been around long enough to know that as Americans, we are stronger when we are together,” said Moody. Whatever unites us, be it hunting or music or sport, there is fellowship there. If 24.7 can be a small part of bringing people together, that is something I can be proud of.”

With growing support from respected brands like Yeti, Gunner, Benelli, SITKA Gear, and more, quality people at the forefront and behind the scenes of the movement, and a rapidly growing fanbase, it’s clear that 24.7Hunt has everything it needs to change the world.


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