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Love Is Blind stars Chelsea Blackwell and Amber Desiree “AD” Smith are speaking out about their experiences on the Netflix show–and how they’ve responded to fans’ input about their journey.

Chelsea and AD - Love Is Blind

Source: Netflix

If you’re tuned into Season 6 of Love Is Blind, you’re probably still stuck on Chelsea comparing her looks to Megan Fox while in the pods.

The reality star told her blind date, Jimmy Presnell, that she was often compared to the actress, which got a visibly excited reaction from him on the other side of the wall. Even though Blackwell clarified that she didn’t really see much of a resemblance, fans have been roasting her for days, with many viewers calling her bluff and questioning whether people had really told her that before.

After they met face-to-face, Presnell went on to say in a confessional that even though he was still attracted to his fiancée, she “lied” to him about her appearance.

In response to all of the chatter surrounding her appearance, Chelsea took to social media to say her piece. She posted a video of herself to Instagram and added the caption: “Go on a show for love > get your butt dragged through the trenches.”

Blackwell spoke about the situation further on her Instagram Story, reposting a note first shared by friend Presley Carter.

“Thank you all who are from our hometown and known Chels for all of your love and support for her through this! It’s been so exciting to watch her and see everything,” the post began. “Also very hard because people are so mean here on the internet and take reality TV way too seriously. Like it’s a show yall, we need to cool it 😉”

Carter went on to explain “what people who are criticizing the cast [need] to understand,” writing, “These are real people with feelings, and emotions. With families and friends reading the comments. We’re ALL imperfect, all trying our best. Please respect the cast through this.”

She’s since implored the people who compared her to Megan Fox to come forward.

“This would be a great time for the people who have ever told me that I resembled her to come forward. Please. I’m begging you,” said the reality star on TikTok.


Another point of contention in their relationship is Jimmy’s apparent attraction to AD, admitting her body is “stacked.” AD has problems of her own, though, ultimately leaving the pods with Clay Gravesande, who she admitted to Us Weekly is a “walking red flag.”

While dating in the pods, Clay admitted that his big ego was both a pro and a con throughout his life, using his self-proclaimed suaveness as a “security blanket.” He also emphasized how important physical attraction was for him, insisting he couldn’t propose to AD without knowing a few things about her appearance.

“Oh my gosh, Clay is a walking red flag,” she told the outlet. “I mean, from the moment I met him, it was [like] ‘red flag, red flag.’”


Ultimately, they got past those issues, and the pair got engaged. Now, fans just have to wait for more episodes to drop to see if they can stand the test of time now that they’re spending time together face-to-face.


The first six episodes of the new season of Love Is Blind are now streaming on Netflix.


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