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Memphis mom Jasmine Moss is finding out the hard way that having her daughter, relieved to be five years old, perform Brazillian waxes on two dozen grown women was, at the very least, ill-advised, as was her decision to post about it publicly.

Brazilian Wax

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After getting herself dragged up and down social media for what many believe was a clear act of child abuse, the 30-year-old esthetician has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor Child Neglect and Child Abuse, according to WREG 3 Memphis.

Earlier this month, Moss posted images to her Instagram account that showed a young girl waxing an adult woman’s private area claiming she was “passing down Deeds & LLCs to her creations,” in reference to her daughter, who Moss said “literally helped me wax 24 clients starting from 7:23-5 pm.”

“She made a total of $744 and I’m going to put the money towards whatever her future dreams and aspirations are,” her since-deleted post read.

Listen, it’s bad enough that Moss didn’t appear to think she would receive any backlash for having a small child work from 7:23 a.m. to 5 p.m. (there are these little things called child labor laws it would behoove parents and employers to pay attention to), but it’s just wild that she didn’t expect a negative response after posting her child doing one of the last jobs children, especially those well-under the age of 10, should be doing.

Seriously, WTF did she expect?



Predictably, people on the socials overwhelmingly responded to the story by calling for Moss’ arrest and that of every single one of her adult clients who didn’t immediately get up and leave once they saw a child was about to wax them. This led to the Memphis Police Department and the Department of Children Services launching a joint investigation into the matter, with the MPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force leading the investigation into the online images of the child waxing a nude woman.

Parents, it’s understandable and acceptable that you want your kids to learn the value of work and entrepreneurship at an early age. Don’t do it like this, though. This simply ain’t itand none of you should have to be told that.


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