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It’s time to “set it off” because Sunday marks the highly anticipated return of TV One’s UNCENSORED and the iconic actress kicking off the season is chatting exclusively with BOSSIP.



After TV One’s UNSUNG premieres on Sunday, March 3 at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT starring Bobby Caldwell, UNCENSORED will return and spotlight veteran actress, producer, director, and television host, Vivica A. Fox, at 10 p.m. ET / 9C.



UNCENSORED will continue to explore the lives of some of today’s most notable personalities as they provide first-hand accounts of their success and the obstacles they faced throughout their careers. With that in mind, Vivica A. Fox as the first episode’s subject matter was a no-brainer. The star’s body of work which encompasses television, stage, and film credits, will be explored as well as her work as a philanthropist and businesswoman. In her typical candid fashion, Vivica will also speak on relationships and sisterhood amongst Black actresses, all while setting the record straight on misconceptions about previous relationships and roles.

Not only that, but viewers will see Vivica be surprised by her friend LisaRaye McCoy who hosts and asks the fellow actress deep-diving questions.

According to the fearless and fabulous star, being interviewed by someone she loves and respects made her feel especially safe while filming.



“It made it a lot easier, because she’s been through a lot of the experiences with me,” the actress told BOSSIP. “I call her baby sister as soon as I see her. But we’ve had our ups and downs and we’re at such a happy, positive grown woman space that to share experiences in an interview, it just really made it a lot easier.

And it’s good when you have someone because then you can laugh about the experience and reflect and look back and go, “Wow, really went through that, huh?” And she’s like, “Yeah.”

She continued,

“I love me from LisaRaye. We’ve had our challenges over the years as friendships and relationships do, but I love the chapter that we’re in now, and I couldn’t have asked for a better interviewer than my baby sister LisaRaye.”


Below, Fox details her episode of UNCENSORED with BOSSIP.

We’re digging into your pre-fame beginnings including your childhood and family. What part of your early life are you most excited for UNCENSORED viewers to see?


I think more than anything else is the humble beginnings of being a Midwestern, being raised in the Midwest, in Indianapolis, Indiana. And to find out how family oriented I am, how much I love my family, how much my family to this day is the backbone of everything that happens with me now and did happen then that that’s where it really, really started and I never lost those roots.

Los Angeles Premiere Of MGM's

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Now, one thing I think that your fans really love about you is your honesty because you tell it like it is. Was there any part of your life story that you were a little nervous about sharing, or were you completely open to any questions?

I was pretty much open to any questions. It says UNCENSORED so y’all going to hear some tasteful language that comes out that you’re like, “Okay, homegirl, really keeping it real.”

Yes, you keep it very real in this episode. I love that at one point, you and LisaRaye are just talking and you’re chatting and you brought up Larenz Tate, and then she threw a curveball at you. She said, “Who is the best kisser? Morris Chestnut, Lorenz Tate, or Will Smith?” And you did not shy away from that question. And one of the things you also mentioned was that you do not believe in dating your costars, and I think that will surprise some people…

 I’ve been on sets where it’s happened when you can see love interests go a little bit further than what they should. And if they don’t make it and break up, I’ve shot films for months at a time, and one knows that things happen and things change. And to see that affect the set and the crew and be there. I saw one go damn near have a nervous breakdown, and I was like, “I told you, told you you shouldn’t have did it.” And from that lesson of seeing her and how it affected her acting and the set, I promised myself that I’d never do it.

Los Angeles Premiere Of MGM's

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Another thing you said on UNCENSORED is that you like to keep your relationships private but you were very open talking about your ex 50 Cent and discussing the peaceful place you all are in now. How important was it for you to set the record straight on that and dish on the lessons that you learned in that relationship?



Because for some odd reason, everybody thinks that I can’t get over him. You know what I mean? And it’s so not like that. We haven’t been together in years and we publicly feuded, which I hated because I still had feelings for him. And it was good to set the record straight with that. We just saw each other at NBA All Star in my hometown of Indianapolis, but you didn’t see us taking pictures or doing anything. It’s like we’ve both grown up that when we see each other, it’s love. “Hey, how are you doing?” Then go on about your business.


Another thing we’ll see in this UNCENSORED is you talking about some of your iconic roles dating back to your soap opera days. When you look back at your career and filming this UNCENSORED, which one of your roles were you most excited to dig into and talk about?

Wow, that’s a good one. Gosh, I’ve been in such classic kits and I am so blessed for that. If I had my top three, it would be Set It Off, Two Can Play That Game, and for people just seeing me a whole nother way, Why Do Fools Fall In Love with the prosthetics and the acting that I had to do with Larenz Tate, we worked really hard.

There’s a really sweet moment in UNCENSORED where you’re talking about working with Jada Pinkett Smith on Set It Off and her being so endearing and kind to you. And I think that’s something we need to see because we hear about competitiveness and cattiness in Hollywood. Talk to me about dishing on the sisterhood of Black Hollywood actresses featured in UNCENSORED. 

Yes, which is refreshing. We are in a competitive business, and there will be days that we compete for a role, but it’s just that. If you get the role, I’m going to wish you the best and want you to shine and then kill it. That’s the sisterhood that is there with African American actresses, that we all coach each other, that when we’re on set, we work with each other. We run lines together because we want the best out of each other, especially if we’re involved in a project together. As much as I shine, I want you to shine as well too. That makes the project shine.

And a lot of us outside of acting together, we’re friends. We hang out. We party together, we go to events together. We’ve been through boyfriends, marriages, breakups, kids, the whole nine. We all support each other 100% outside of work. Those friendships are really real.


What are you most excited for people to learn about you on this UNCENSORED? The episode runs the gambit from back in the day to the present. 

A lot of people think because I play very strong roles, [I’m that way]. They are going to learn that I am just this crybaby who loves her friends, loves her family, that I’m a little softy. You’ll just really be surprised at that, because as strong as I am, I am just as sensitive and loving.


Don’t miss the return of UNCENSORED this SUNDAY, March 3 at 10p/9c only on TV One.



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