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While on the stand for Young Thug’s YSL RICO trial, witness Adrian Bean admitted to being “so high” that he almost fell asleep in front of prosecutors.

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At this point, nothing should be surprising regarding the actions of anyone inside the courtroom for the highly-publicized trial and now that things are underway, witnesses are taking the stand.

According to Complex, the latest person to take the stand was the state’s witness Adrian Bean.

“I’m so high right now y’all, I’m about to go to sleep on y’all, man,” Bean told the courtroom matter of factly.

Bean then asked for water before he would be able to continue. Before his latest testimony, Bean told Judge Granville that the trial caused him to lose his job and subjected him to death threats.

Not only that, but Bean is clueless as to why he’s on the stand because he “can’t remember” anything pertinent to the trial —despite recorded evidence of him speaking about being a getaway driver in 2013.

“I don’t remember nothing from 2013, I keep telling y’all that,” Bean said per Complex. “Y’all got my name on a recorder, my phone number on a recorder. These people are threatening me. They’re calling my phone, your honor. I done lost my job. I got a lot going on.”

Despite Bean repeatedly saying that he doesn’t remember anything, the prosecution and defense will still get their opportunities to question throughout the week.


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