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The city of Baltimore is still reeling from the tragedy of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse following a shipping boat accident, and politics and culture war is already rearing its ugly pointy-hooded head.

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 26: The remains of the Francis Scott Key

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Republicans have decided that the only viable path to winning elections is to witch-hunt, fearmonger and create boogeymen who can take the blame for all of society’s ills. Policy be damned. Case-in-point, according to a KSL article, Utah Republican Phil Lyman is blaming the accident, one which has seemingly claimed the lives of six construction workers, on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

No “thoughts and prayers.” No outpouring of love. No support for the city. Just hate.

There were also similar tweets with people labeling Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott a “DEI Mayor.”



It’s an election year, and Phil Lyman is looking to unseat the incumbent Republican governor Spencer Cox who, according to Deseret, currently holds 50% of the support in the egregiously conservative state. To that end, it should be noted that Lyman, according to the same polling, only holds 3% of the state’s right-wing voters.

Gee, wonder why…

The backlash against Lyman was so overwhelming that even Salt Lake City District Attorney Sim Gill upped the yopper on him via Twitter (we’re never calling it X).

To be clear, the ship that crashed into the bridge lost power and likely suffered some type of mechanical malfunction. It’s something that can happen to any machine regardless of who is in charge, but somehow, this whole catastrophe is the fault of a Black woman who was rightfully elected to be one of the Port of Baltimore Commissioners.

You can’t make this s–t up. These people are seriously deranged. Please hit up Phil Lyman’s Twitter account and tell him how much of a 3% loser he is.


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